We booked to go on an adventure to the Secret Fairy Village whilst we were at Bluestone Holoday Park. I am not sure who was more excited about this! I couldn’t wait to meet the hobbits and the fairies!

We met Harry the Hobbit at the Adventure Centre and he told us all about the secret village and made us take the secret oath.

The children chose if they would like to be a hobbit or a fairy and they were marked with a special symbol. They were also given a secret map. On the back of the map was a colouring sheet and if anyone looked at the map they had to quickly turn it over and pretend they were colouring in. 🙂


We then followed Harry to the Magic Half Tree where we all said a magic spell to shrink us down to the size of hobbits and fairies. Look how much smaller Bob was after the spell!


After paying the trolls with special red stones so that they’d allow us to pass their bridge we made it to the secret entrance.


We had a lesson in how to escape a hobbit trap and we made our way deeper into the woods.


Then, in a beautiful clearing, the children spotted Rosebud the fairy. They were very excited to meet her!


We then followed Rosebud and Harry through beautifully decorated woodland to the Secret Fairy Village.


It was an exciting journey! We had to enter through an invisible door by turning a magic wheel and leave special crystals with the hobbits to be made into fairy dust. When we arrived at the village Bob’s face lit up! It was full of tiny fairy houses.


The hobbits had delivered a bag of fairy dust for each child to take home and create their own fairy garden. It really was a lovely activity and an experience that Bob will remember for a very long time!

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Disclaimer: We received a lodge at Bluestone for free but we paid for the activities ourselves.

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  4 Responses to “The Secret Fairy Village – Bluestone”


    What a delightful post. It looks fantastic – can you take me next time please?!!

    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!


    Hello Bob, Its Harry and Rosebud here.. Oops i mean Alex and Jasmin… We still cant get used to the name change Hehe, Anyway..
    just checking in and making sure that you are well and keeping all of the secrets about the fairy world safe, hope your doing well in school because we spoke to the future fairy, and she seems to think you are going to do very well when you grow up and…..

    Hehe sorry, Harry is getting a little bit emotional.. Ill take over.. Rosebud here, we are so glad to see you had a fun time with us in the fairy world.
    we had a fantastic time also, all of the other fairy couldn’t believe how much help you all were, you truly saved the fairy kingdom.
    Anyhooo… We hope to see you again soon.
    Keep the Magic with you always.
    Love your friends,
    Harry and Rosebud.

    Ps. Lola Ladybird, Shelby snail, Hewie Hedgehog and Buzby Bee Say a big HELLO!!


      Hello Harry & Rosebud! Thank you for your message! I have just read it to Bob and she was thrilled! She said she misses you all and can’t wait to visit again! Hope you are all well! xxx

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