Bob loves swimming! Our recent holiday to Bluestone has made us realise that we need to take her more often! We went swimming everyday!

One day, we had been at the beach and we didn’t get back to the park until late afternoon. We put the kettle on and sat down but Bob was having none of it! ‘We need to go swimming now,’ she said, as she packed her swimming bag.

We didn’t mind as the pool was lovely! There was a lazy river and we spent most of our time bobbing along that. There was also a large wave pool, 2 jacuzzis and 2 children’s pools for different age groups.

Bob loved it! I wondered if she had a soft spot for the swimming pool as it was where she met her first character but I think she would have still loved it regardless.

We didn’t arrive until late afternoon on Monday and after we had unpacked and taken our buggy out for a spin there wasn’t much time left before bedtime. On Tuesday morning our first job was to go swimming! Bob thought this could happen at 6am. 🙂


We had a wonderful time and Shelby Snail came to play some games. Bob thought he was amazing!


They played hide and seek, sang songs and they then went around the pool to find ingredients to make Shelby his very own nettle cake. It was lots of fun!


Bob talked about Shelby Snail for the rest of the day and she couldn’t wait to meet the other characters! Watch this space!

Disclaimer: We were given the lodge at Bluestone and use of the water park free of charge but all opinions and photographs are our own.

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    She is so cute!

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