May 222015

Bluestone Holiday Park is surrounded by beautiful woodland. Whilst we were there it seemed silly not to go on an adventure.


Bob enjoys walking in the woods but she β€˜tired legs’ quite quickly. If she has something to keep her occupied she can walk much further.


I tend to make up a scenario for our walk. Recently we went on an Easter Bunny hunt. Throughout the woods the Easter Bunny had left little chocolate rabbits (or my nephew had run ahead and planted them). Bob loved this and was keen to walk forever.


The woods around Bluestone are so exciting, they seemed like the perfect place to search for a Gruffalo.


I didn’t plant any clues this time but we still managed to find lots of evidence that a Gruffalo was nearby.


Yorkshire Tea have teamed up with The Woodland Trust and the Gruffalo to encourage families to care for the planet. The project is called Yorkshire Tree.

They sent us a Gruffalo goody bag with lots of tea and some activity packs to help us spread the word. Bob is a bit young for the activities at the moment but that’s alright. It means we can have more Gruffalo fun when she is older! The Gruffalo will never go out of fashion!

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    What a great way to make a walk last longer, and what a great imagination she has! Big fans of the Gruffalo here πŸ™‚ #countrykids


    Those woods look like a lovely place to explore and going on a hunt for a Gruffalo sounds like a great idea to encourage Bob to explore them. I love the clues that you found along the way πŸ™‚


    I think the Gruffalo hunts are such a great way for kids to explore woods.


    Very clever to find all those clues. Surely a Gruffalo must have been close by. Looks a lovely wood to explore. #CountryKids


    What a great idea! My kids would love this – thanks for sharing! #CountryKids


    Glad to see you had such an exciting adventure. We love making up stories on our adventures too #CountryKids


    Gruffalo hunts are always a great way to get the little ones out exploring the woods, it really does get them excited to see what might be around the corner. I love that you used the natural items found around the woods to prove that the Gruffalo was there. Bob looks like she’s really intent on looking for the missing Gruffalo, it sounds like the Yorkshire Tree project is going to be fab. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


    So Cute!


    Amazing trip! SO imaginative too. We always want to go on a Grufallo (or Superworm) trail but there is no site near us. #countrykids


    What a beautiful adventure, and to use The Grufallo story makes it even more lovely. Great use of the forest to bring in the story as well. Brilliant imagination activity.


    What a great idea – my daughter will walk for ages too if there’s something to entice her! #countrykids


    That’s a great way to stop moaning young walkers. N is a nightmare, so having things to look out for really helps.


    That looks so much fun and a lovely scenic walk #countrykids

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