May 272015

After our Gruffalo Hunt in the woods Bob was getting tired. We had walked far and we were just contemplating walking back we stumbled upon a wonderful surprise! Camp Smokey!


I had seen Camp Smokey on a map and assumed it was a camp site. It is much more than that! It is a wooden bar/restaurant that seemed like it would have been the perfect place to have a hoedown and drink beer (if I wasn’t pregnant).

The music they played there was great and I couldn’t help doing a do-si-do as we walked towards the open fire. Bob thought my dancing was fuuny, I thought I looked stylish. 😉 Who needs beer!

Luckily Camp Smokey was also a place where we could toast marshmallows over an open fire and drink hot chocolate!


It was the perfect end to a wonderful walk!


Disclaimer: We were give the lodge at Bluestone for free but we paid for all extras ourselves.

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    Looks lovely (although I don’t like marshmellows or beer) but other than that yum! :0)

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