My nephew came to stay with us at the weekend and we decided to take him and Bob pony trekking. Bob has ridden a Shetland pony before but she has never been on a proper trek.

There is a place near us called Kilnsey Park and there is a trekking centre nearby. I rang up to book the shortest ride they did. As it was suitable for children aged 4 and above I thought the 30 minute ride would be the best one for Bob. They were almost fully booked but they managed to squeeze us in. We could only go on the 50 minute ride so I booked that and hoped she would be all right.


They had a wonderful time! My nephew loved it even though he was unsure when I first told him about it.



Bob loved it too! She wanted to get off about 10 minutes before the ride was over but we encourage her to stay on and she managed the whole thing!


I didn’t have too many smiles on the trek as my nephew’s pony almost pooed on me and Bob’s pony stood on my foot. I also kept panicking about Bob falling off as she kept letting go of the reins.


It was lovely to see the children having a lovely time though and we were surrounded by beautiful countryside.


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    Oh ive never heard of your linky before. Ive added my post as the whole holiday made me smile. 🙂 Bob and your nephew looks like they loved the experience despite the poo. 🙂 #countrykids


    What a fun idea! Ought to see if this is something I could book over the summer holidays. Bob did well. I can imagine having her older cousin was quite a motivation too. I have got to say, I absolutely love her cousin’s hoodie. Fabulous! #CountryKids


    What a great idea #shareasmile Pony trekking is such fun I’ve only been on a pony once as I’m still a bit small. Looks like you guys had a great time x #Countrykids


    such a lovely activity, not cheep but such fun, we have only had a go on holiday years ago as a family but most of mine have had lessons at some stage. Sadly none of them suck with it which is such a shame given we have plenty of space to keep a pony. I hope Bob keeps up her interest and you avoid the horses hooves! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids and I’ll look for a share a smile photo to add to your linky.


      That would have been lovely if one of them had taken an interest. I am hoping Bob doesn’t get too attached. Her Gran has wanted to get her a pony since before she was born (they run a livery yard) but I know how expensive they can be. xx


    lovely pics charlotte xxx


    What cuties this looks like a fantastic day! Pony trekking is on our list of things to do over the Summer too xx


    Aww! How lovely! What a wonderful idea….Gorgeous photos!


    I love your idea of a smile sharing linky 🙂 It looks like Bob and her cousin had a great time. I can remember going pony trekking myself when I was small, not sure what age, but it really scared me and I’ve not been on a pony or horse since 🙁


    That is something we have to do this summer. Kids look like they had a ball. Great pic’s too! Thanks for hosting xx


    What a lovely experience. It looks like fun, though worrying for mum. My children haven’t been pony trekking, it’s something we should probably have a go at.


    Thanks for hosting, wishing you a great week!


    Zoinks! Sorry about the duplicates. Kept getting an error message. Hope you can delete them. LOL Glad they had a wonderful time horseback riding!


    Great pics. I have never ridden a horse. It is something I want to do.


    What a fun idea and didn’t your girls look adorable in their hats!!


    That looked great fun!


    That looked like fun and they seemed to really enjoy it 🙂

    Have a trottastic week 🙂


    Gorgeous photos. I received an error message when trying to link up, so not sure if it worked or not.


    They have the loveliest smile! Thanks for sharing =)


    Too cute! I bet she had fun even though she didn’t last the full 50 minutes! Thanks for the linky and smiles!


    This looks like so much fun – I can’t wait until Boo is a little older and we can do this =)


    This looks like so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing with OMHG Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove x


    Looks so much fun! I’m surprised you could go walking out – our local place only lets kids walk around the paddock! Boring! lol x #countrykids

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