To My Baby Girl On Your First Day In Year 2

Today has been a scary day. You have started a brand new school! We thought we would have moved house by now but we are moving in a few weeks. We are only moving about half an hour away so I gave you the choice of staying at your old school or moving to the one near our new house. When we went for a taster day last term I was so worried for you. On the way home I [click here to read on]

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To My Baby Girl On Your 1st Day In Year 1

I know that time passes quickly but I cannot believe how the past year has flown! It only seems like yesterday that I was walking you to school for the first time. On the other hand, so much has happened in the last year! You started school and became a big sister within a month! Each of those events is life changing and I was worried that it might be too much for you. You took it all in your [click here to read on]

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First Tastes & First Fun

I have really struggled with weaning Bow. His sister weaned like a dream! I made all my own baby food and she ate everything I offered her. Even though baby led weaning is now popular, I decided to wean Bow in the same way as it worked so well last time. Every time I gave him something to eat he acted like he was being poisoned. When my cooking failed I decided to try baby led weaning. He liked to [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Bob's First Parents' Evening

On Thursday we went to my grown up baby girl’s first parents evening at school. I was unsure what to expect. She can sometimes be a little madam at home but I only ever heard glowing reports from nursery. I used to pick up a highly praised angel who would have a melt down in the car soon after we had left. It was quite confusing. Her teacher started by saying how lovely she was. I breathed a sigh of [click here to read on]

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Learning How To Read & Write

I am so proud of my baby girl! She has only been at school for half a term and she has learnt so much! She already knew a few of her letters as we have done some activities together but she is now racing through her letters and sounds. Last week Bob wrote her letter to Father Christmas. Early I know but she was driving me mad about it so I let her. She sounded out some of the words [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - First Smiles

The other day Bow smiled for the first time! We have had wind smiles and REM smiles which were lovely (you can see the gorgeous REM smile that I captured here) but this one was a real smile! It was morning and I was laid in bed with him talking to him. All of a sudden he grinned at me. It was such a lovely smile that reached all the way to his eyes! Shortly afterwards Bob woke up and [click here to read on]

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To My Baby Girl On Your 1st Day Of School

Today you started Primary School. This is such a big milestone in your life! I couldn’t help thinking how small you looked when you put on your uniform! This wasn’t helped by the fact that your age 4 pinafore dress looked so big on you! You must have been keen to go to school as you awoke at 4am. Luckily you went back to sleep for 2 hours, otherwise I am not sure you would have made it through the [click here to read on]

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