I am so proud of my baby girl! She has only been at school for half a term and she has learnt so much!

She already knew a few of her letters as we have done some activities together but she is now racing through her letters and sounds.

Last week Bob wrote her letter to Father Christmas. Early I know but she was driving me mad about it so I let her. She sounded out some of the words all by herself, I helped her with others and I told her which sounds to write for some of the tricky words. I was really impressed! 🙂




For those of you that aren’t familiar with the writing of a 4 year old it says:

‘To Santa Claus,

Please can I have some go the toys on my list.



They grow up far too quickly!

 Posted by Charlotte on November 12, 2015 Being a Mother, Firsts  Add comments

  3 Responses to “Learning How To Read & Write”


    The last time I commented on your blog it was when your daughter was off for her first day at school. She looked so proud and grown up in her school uniform. It just feels like yesterday and today I read a post about her first written Christmas Card. How wonderful and well done!


    Well done Molly – what a wonderful letter. Santa will be so pleased to receive it. Jacob is just the same Charlotte and again after 1/2 a term xx


    She is doing so well, it is lovely watching them learn and see how they are coming along x

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