On Thursday we went to my grown up baby girl’s first parents evening at school.

I was unsure what to expect. She can sometimes be a little madam at home but I only ever heard glowing reports from nursery. I used to pick up a highly praised angel who would have a melt down in the car soon after we had left. It was quite confusing.

Her teacher started by saying how lovely she was. I breathed a sigh of relief. She said she was a friendly little girl who was very popular. I already knew this as since Bob started school she knows so many people in the village. We have only lived here since April and she is like a local celebrity!

The teacher then showed us her learning development file. Bob was exceeding in all areas apart from writing which she was meeting all the requirements. She added that it was impossible to exceed in writing as they had recently changed the criteria and a child in reception would have to be able to write a story with a beginning, a middle and an end to do so. This is Year 2 work. Bob is the first one in her year that is able to blend sounds and she knows all the sounds that they have covered so far.


The teacher did nothing but smile throughout our meeting. She said that Bob could ‘try it on’ occasionally but she was pleased about this as she said it showed character.

She gave us Bob’s Learning Journey to bring home to have a look at. These are my favourite photos.



I was really proud of our baby girl! It is scary to think how quickly she is growing up but wonderful to know she is doing it so well!

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  10 Responses to “Share A Smile – Bob’s First Parents’ Evening”


    Aw, congratulations – it sounds like she’s doing great! I always remember going to one of my little brother’s and the teacher was like, he could do well if he concentrated and listened – then got his maths book out to show that they’d all been asked to draw up the answers in a table… so he had drawn an actual dining table with the answer written in the middle! Hehe.


    Aww sounds like a fantastic first parents evening for you! Well done Bob.


    I still always get nervous about parents evening, even though I’ve never been to a bad one yet! It sounds like you had a great one 🙂


    aww…something to be really proud of!


    I was always nervous what to expect when going to parent teacher meeting.
    But almost always went well.


    Seems like a great first parents meeting.It is something to be proud as a mommy!


    Aw, how cool… You must be so proud – and she looks like such a cutie pie! 🙂
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!


    Aww! what a fab first parents evening 🙂

    Have a proudtastic week 🙂


    I always enjoy parents meeting and I have to say time flies when you them growing up so quickly :). But I will always try to enjoy every single phase we have to through 🙂

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