changing primary schools

Today has been a scary day. You have started a brand new school! We thought we would have moved house by now but we are moving in a few weeks. We are only moving about half an hour away so I gave you the choice of staying at your old school or moving to the one near our new house.

When we went for a taster day last term I was so worried for you. On the way home I asked you if you found it scary. I said it was all right to be worried as changing schools was a big deal! You told me you were fine and rolled your eyes at me as if I was being silly. You said you loved the new school and you wanted to go there.

In a way, I am glad that we haven’t moved yet. At the end of the last school year I worried we had made the wrong decision! You had such a lovely send off from your old school and you won an award for being the most outstanding pupil in Key Stage 1! I am hoping the long school run over the next few weeks will help me to feel happier about the move. Your new school seems wonderful  and I am sure you will do as well there as you have done at your lovely old school.

what do you want to be when you grow up

You are such a confident girl and you take everything in your stride. You make me so proud every single day! You went to sleep last night, excited about your new adventure. I lay awake worrying about you and hoping that you would be all right!

This morning you didn’t seemed bothered by the change at all. You got dressed and posed for your back to school photos with a big smile on your face! You happily went into school and found your friend that you met on your taster day. You are an absolute superstar and I am so proud of you!

moving to a new school in year 2

I can’t believe that you are now in Year 2! It seems like moments ago that you were going to school for the very first time. You have grown up so much and I sometimes see my baby girl disappearing. You will always be my baby girl though! Even when you are all grown up and you don’t think you are anymore.

You are a wonderful daughter, an amazing big sister and you are beautiful inside and out! I wish you so much happiness in your new adventure!

starting a new primary school

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    thats lovely it brought a tear to my eye anyway xxx


    Aww this is so lovely. Bob is very lucky to have you as her Mummy and what lovely memories you have made for her to read when she is older xxx

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