Bob's First Hair Cut

I dreaded Bob’s first hair cut! I loved her curls and was reluctant to have them chopped off. It got to the stage where the ends were tatty and I knew I had to do something about it. There is a salon near where we used to love that specialises in children’s hair cuts. My friend had told me how good it was so we went there. It was brilliant! Bob got to choose whether she would like to drive [click here to read on]

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Jun 062013
A Day Of Firsts

Last week we took Bob to see Grandpa In My Pocket at Nottingham Playhouse. When I first thought about taking her I worried that she was too young but, as she loves the CBeebies show, I decided to risk it. I love the theatre and I hope that Bob will too. I couldn’t wait for her to experience it! We decided to get the train into Nottingham as Bob loves trains and she has never been on one. She went [click here to read on]

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Mar 172013

Bob is learning new words everyday. She’s always chatting away. I wonder who she takes after? She has her own little way of saying certain things that I find adorable! When asked what she would like she says, ‘Erm, chooooose,’ before making her decision and if she would like to do something again she says, ‘Go again.’ If you ask her where something is and she doesn’t know she replies, ‘No no me!’ and until recently she would shout, ‘Mmmmmeeeeee,’ [click here to read on]

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My 1st Bloggoversary!!!

Tomorrow is my 1st blogoversary! Wow! I can’t believe I have been blogging for a year! It has become such a big part of my life, which seems crazy when I think that it was something that started by accident. I began writing for therapy and to keep me sane during Bob’s sleepless nights. I didn’t even know that the blogging world existed or what fabulous communities it contained. I wrote about Bob’s birth and I began searching for other [click here to read on]

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May 092012
First Steps!!!

I had such a giggle making this little video! I hope you have as much fun watching it! 😉 Linking this post up with the lovely Jaime and her new Linky! It wa the first post that came to mind when I started to think of a magic moment. It’s a lovely linky, go and check it out! Click here to see our other videos.

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First (And Second) Time On A Swing

I don’t know. No swings for months and then 2 in 2 days! 😉 I am not sure who enjoyed it the most! 😉  

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Mar 282012
First Shoes

Bob has finally found some shoes that fit! Her little feet must have grown. She has had to make do with crawlers not cruisers, as her feet are still tiny, but it’s a start. They grow up far too quickly!

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