Mar 172013

Bob is learning new words everyday. She’s always chatting away. I wonder who she takes after?

She has her own little way of saying certain things that I find adorable! When asked what she would like she says, ‘Erm, chooooose,’ before making her decision and if she would like to do something again she says, ‘Go again.’ If you ask her where something is and she doesn’t know she replies, ‘No no me!’ and until recently she would shout, ‘Mmmmmeeeeee,’ when she wanted me.

She has recently started adding the u sound and now calls me Mummy. This has made me realise that soon my lovely Bobisms will be gone! My husband and I shed a tear the other day thinking of how soon, when you ask Bob where something is she will reply, ‘I don’t know.’

I decided to capture her cute ways of saying things on camera as I would hate to forget this moment! For once I have set aside my backing tracks and have simply used my camera to capture a moment that will soon be gone forever. 🙁

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  10 Responses to “Bobisms”


    Awww that’s great! I love the the things my wee man come out with sometimes! Too many signs though that they are growing up so fast!


    It really is a special time, I love listening to little ones chatting and singing as they . It carries on and evolves though. They make a joke or say something really nice or intelligent at 15 and you still smile the same… 🙂


    What a cutie! I love her little chatter, isn’t it strange to imagine them talking properly to you? She sounds great x


    That’s such a cute video, it’s so lovely when they start talking and some of the stuff they come out with can be so funny!


    love this Charlotte! I so ought to think about capturing some of Joshuas words on film! i love the “go again” and the counting!

    Thanks for linking up x


    She is so adorable. I must take more videos x


    Oh my how absolutely adorable is she. Their little chatter is awesome and definitely a magic moment

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