Mar 282012

Bob has finally found some shoes that fit! Her little feet must have grown. She has had to make do with crawlers not cruisers, as her feet are still tiny, but it’s a start. They grow up far too quickly!

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    So so tiny! Girls shoes are so much cooler than boys ones 🙂


    They can wear crazy ones at the weekend to make up for it! ;0)


    hi thanks for visiting. i know they are a handful. your little girl is gorgeous. yea that blog is great shes my best mate. look forward to more posts.


    Awwwww these are gorgeous, I recently wrote a post about getting my daughter’s first shoes. I was so emotional! xx


    awww they are very pretty. My daughter’s feet are tiny too, I managed to get cruisers for her but despite the fact she’s walking now I still don’t have proper shoes for her as her fett are still so tiny, she’s jumped a quarter of a size since last September so we are getting there slowly! lol! xxx

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