Mar 162012

I am convinced that Bob’s first word was Mummy!

In January, we were in Edinburgh and Bob was asleep in the hotel room. She woke up and looked very confused, as she didn’t know where she was. She looked around, saw me and cried out ‘Mummy!’ it was crystal clear! Not ‘Mama,’ but ‘Mummy!’ of course, nobody else was around to hear it and she never said it again. For the last week she has said ‘Mama,’ usually when she is tired or upset but she has not said ‘Mummy’ since.

To add insult to injury she started saying ‘Dada’ about 2 weeks later so I think that my husband secretly thinks that was her first word. I however know the truth! Again she has now stopped saying this. Think she knows how excited we get when we hear her so she saves it for special occasions.

One word that has been consistent since she learnt how to say it last week is ‘Hiya!’ She occasionally says it to adults but she loves to say it to babies, one special little baby in particular, herself! Every time she passes a mirror or anything slightly reflective she says ‘Hiya!’ today she spent the best part of 20 minutes saying ‘Hiya,’ to a teapot!

I spent ages trying to get a video of Bob saying ‘Hiya,’ to herself on my phone but she was too busy wanting to give herself a kiss! It’s a much funnier video but it doesn’t really match the post. ;0)

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    Aw that is so cute! Most of mine said dada first I am sure it is easier to say and nothing to do with their preferred parent!


    Aaw how cute, my boy says ya for yes and mama can’t wait to hear lots more from him. I love listening to babies talk


    awww sooo cute! x


    We have exactly the same disagreement over first words here! Except I’m the one with a video here! trouble is mama & dada are quite simple words & may in fact be intended to mean something else.

    And I love watching those pretend ‘phone conversations!

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