I have really struggled with weaning Bow. His sister weaned like a dream! I made all my own baby food and she ate everything I offered her. Even though baby led weaning is now popular, I decided to wean Bow in the same way as it worked so well last time. Every time I gave him something to eat he acted like he was being poisoned.

baby weaning problems

When my cooking failed I decided to try baby led weaning. He liked to mess around with the finger food but he didn’t eat any of it. I know baby led weaning is not about how much they eat but when Bow was hungry straight after a 6oz bottle I knew that it wasn’t going to work for us.

I then turned to shop bought baby food. He will eat some of this but only the fruit and vegetable pouches which are mainly fruit. I am still struggling on, trying a mixture of purées and finger food and trying to secretly mix chicken into fruit purées.

The only thing that he happily eats is yoghurt. I was buying pouches of baby yoghurt as I was worried about sugar levels and he would really enjoy these but one pouch was not enough. At over £1 a pouch it was getting very expensive so I looked for other options.

I tried mixing my own fruit purées into natural yoghurt but Bow wouldn’t eat this. I then realised that Petit Filous had a similar sugar content to the baby yoghurt that I was buying. He loved these and they were much cheaper. When I tasted Petit Filous I knew why he liked them. I am not a fan of yoghurts but these were so creamy and delicious.

I was worried that I wasn’t doing the right thing as, although the sugar content was similar I wasn’t sure whether they were as good for Bow as baby yoghurts. I then heard about the new yoghurts from Petit Filous which have been made especially for babies from 6 months.

my first petit filous weaning yoghurt

My First Petit Filous have less than half the sugar of the original yoghurts and they are made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients. I couldn’t wait for Bow to try them!

He pulled his normal ‘I am being poisoned’ face at first but he soon began to enjoy them. He even happily fed himself when I gave him some on a spoon.

baby first tastes weaning

I am really happy that he enjoys these yoghurts! Their low sugar content makes them fantastic for weaning and at £1..60 for 6 they do not break the bank.

My First Petit Filous have made me think about how many firsts Bow has in front of him. He already has his first teeth and we have loved seeing his first smiles and hearing his first laughs.

first baby smiles

He has celebrated his first Christmas but I don’t think he realised that he met the man himself.

baby visiting santa

He has already been to his first wedding. I am not sure he knew what was going on but he looked adorable.

how to dress a baby boy for a wedding

We have had the excitement of Bow’s first time in the big bath. Bath time had never been more fun.

bath time fun

He also loved his first time on a swing.

baby swing

Then, when I thought I had finished writing this post, today saw his first time on the beach.

baby's first time on the beach

He loved the feel of the sand and I kept having to put his dummy in to stop him from eating it.

sandy baby hands

Bow is experiencing firsts everyday and we have so many exciting first to come. His first steps, his first birthday, his first time on an aeroplane and I am sorry to say that his first day at school will be here before we know it. They grow up far too quickly!

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    We love petit filous here too. It’s such a good thing to carry about as a little snack too!


    I love the first photo, the facial expression is amazing ha x


    Aww lovely firsts 😀 I remember the firsts and the great thing is they never stop having firsts.. 😀 Cant wait for Lily’s next one


    Nothing more heartfelt than seeing the first smile. Simply memorable. 🙂


    He looks like he’s not enjoying being weened, haha, what a priceless photo. Glad you found something he likes!

    Corinne x


    Great post and some amazing firsts! What a little cutie!


    What a lovely post! My children are grown now but I remember the trouble I had with them. Sometimes of the messy pictures I took were so cute though. He looks like a very happy and content little boy x


    I LOVED Petit Filous as a kid! This sounds like a great product. And weaning sounds difficult!


    Lovely to hear about special firsts. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


    Not a fan of petit filous cause of the sugar content but may be open to trying these, pending price too. We normally give kids natural yogurt with fruit puree. Love all babies firsts, makes me think back….


    He sounds so much like my little one did when we were weaning. Anything I cooked was a no go, and only fruit pouches and yoghurt would pass his lips. The new petits files sounds great! Something I’ll definitely buy for my yoghurt loving toddler!


    His face in that first photo is priceless! These new Petits Filous sound really good because I remember when I gave the boys Petit Filous when they were babies (14 and 13 years ago!), they were very sweet. They did love them though – so creamy and delicious 🙂


    That is so good they’ve introduced Petit Filous for younger babies, the original does have high sugar content but they are so handy to have in the fridge! I adore Bow’s little cardi he has on in the beach photo, it’s gorgeous! xx


    Ugh we had a nightmare with weaning the second time as well, which is so frustrating because Riley will literally eat anything you put in front of him, Harry on the other hand is a fully-fledged member of the beige club! I’m really hoping it’s just a phase. I can’t quite believe how quickly Bow is growing up! xx


    Weaning was a bit of a nightmare with my daughter until around 1.5 years old when she actually started to enjoy the food we were giving her! We love Petit Filous in our house now and always on the lookout for low sugar options! Thanks for sharing!


    Ours had their first wedding last year as well, they had no idea of what was going on either at 18 months old. Cute bath picture, the floor will never be dry again with two of them in there.
    over from the linky to see some of the others that entered.


    Such a cute post. It’s lovely remembering all the first moments.


    Such a cute little family you have

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