I love planning Bob’s birthday parties! I am constantly thinking of ideas and a couple of months before her birthday I get excited as it means I can start preparing. We have had a teddy bears picnic, a clown party, a woodland fairy party, a Disney princess party and this year we had an under the sea party for her 5th birthday.

I love sending the invitations as I think they set the scene. In the past I have made woodland scrolls and fairy wands to invite people to join our celebrations. This year’s invitations had to be easier to make as we had a 6 month old taking up a lot of our time.

We decided on a simple shell invitation. I had wanted to make a beautifully decorated shell invitation that opened but time didn’t allow it. Instead we settled for a double sided invitation.

I printed the wording, within a shell shape, onto pearl paper. I then cut out one of these and a cardboard shell shape for each invitation.

under the sea party seashell invitation wording

After we had stuck both sides of the invite together, Bob decorated the front with glitter.

under the sea party invitation idea

Although they weren’t as fancy as some of our past invitations they did the job.

Bob’s friends were excited about coming to her party and we couldn’t wait to bring all of our ideas to life.

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Balloon Flounders & A Little Squishy Area

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  16 Responses to “Under The Sea Party – Seashell Invitations”


    Ahh these are lovely – my youngest boy Toby loves underwater stuff so these would be awesome 🙂


    I love the idea of an under the sea themed party. Those invites are so cute too.


    How nice that your daughter was involved in making the cards. Makes them extra special


    These are fabulous! So simple yet easy to do. I was like you when mine were small, I loved coming up with different ideas and quirky themes. Hope everyone loved their shells! x


    Such cute invites!!! I love when the invites give a clue about what the party will be like and I love seeing that people have put so much effort in!!!


    These are so simple but so effective! Lovely. We’re having a pirates party soon and wished we did something like this!


    what a great idea and I have to say a great way to cost party costs too as invites are rather expensive I love the personalised touch of them being hand made


    Omg I love that pun – “OhFISHally” – amazing! The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film so I’d love a mermaid themed party 😀


    Oh my goodness these are so cute!
    I would definitely hand these out to my friends 🙂

    Dani x


    My sister is 24 and would adore an underwater theme party, with the little mermaid involved lol


    OMG, this is so cute!! I love a good pun 🙂


    What a cute and simple to make invite I live the theme.

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