Another craft from Bob’s Under The Sea Party was Balloon Flounders. Bob loves the Little Mermaid and we knew we had to include things from the film.

There was a yellow balloon and pre-cut cardboard fins and crepe paper streamers for each child to make their balloon fish

We used sellotape to attach the fins and stripes as glue wasn’t working.

how to make a balloon flounder fish

We then glued on some wobbly eyes and drew the rest of his features.

making flounder fish balloons under the sea party

We set up a craft table with all the supplies and included our models as examples.

under the sea party ideas balloon fish

The party guests had lots of fun making their own Flounders. There were some great variations, including a shark!

crafting with balloons

As Bow was tiny and he had another little friend coming (one of the party guest’s baby brother) we thought it would be good to have a safe spot for them to play.

little squishy play area

We used a picnic blanket and all the sea like toys that we could find to create a Little Squishy play area at a party

The little ones loved it and it gave them a place to play away from the party madness.

babies at a party

They seemed to enjoy it, even though they look a bit scared on this photo. 😊

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