I like to have lots of themed party activities at Bob’s birthday parties that the children can access independently. Pinterest is fabulous for finding ideas!

At her Under The Sea birthday party there were crafts galore! The first two that I am going to share with you are the Jiggly Jellyfish and the Seashell Wanda that we made!

Bob loves preparing for her parties and she always helps me to make examples beforehand. To make the Jiggly Jelly fish we used: polystyrene bowls, bubble wrap strips, curling ribbon and wobbly eyes.

kids jellyfish craft

I looked at buying some bubble wrap but a quick shout out on Facebook got me all the bubble wrap that we needed. Apparently many people have bags of bubble wrap lying around and they are just waiting for it to be useful.

We pre-cut strips of bubble wrap and curling ribbon and then got to work on our jellyfish. We sellotape strips of bubble wrap and ribbon to the inside of the bowls we then turned the bowl over and stuck on some wobbly eyes.

under the sea party fun craft ideas

The Jiggly Jellyfish were easy to make and they were very effective! Even the youngest children really enjoyed making them!

making a jellyfish using bubble wrap

under the sea kids craft ideas

For the Seashell Wanda I pre-cut shell shapes out of pearlescent card. We also used cake pop sticks, curling ribbon and glitter glue.

how to make seashell wands

The children decorated the shell with glitter glue, stuck it onto a cake pop stuck and tied some curling ribbon under the shell.

under the sea party craft seashell wandparty planning

It was lovely to see so many mermaid princesses running around with their Seashell Wands!

beautiful girl and her wand

I have many other Under The Sea craft ideas to share with you, including CD Turtles and Balloon Flounders. Watch this space!

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