I tried to think of more games that we could play at Bob’s Under The Sea party. I had lots of craft ideas but I thought it would be nice to have some games that they could access independently too.

how to make a shark themed ball toss

I had an idea for a feed the shark game. I drew a shark on a big cardboard box and cut out his mouth and around his fins so they stuck out.

make your own shark game

Bob helped me to paint him and then we added some paper teeth.

how to make an under the sea themed party game

I bought some spiky balls from Poundland as these reminded me of sea urchins. The aim of the game was to throw the balls into the sharks mouth.

diy shark ball toss game

Bob loved him!

under the sea party shark

I wasn’t sure how long the game would last as I thought the shark’s teeth would be knocked out pretty quickly. Surprisingly it survived the party! The children really enjoyed trying to throw the balls into his mouth and it made a fun party decoration!

diy under the sea party game shark ball toss

We also made a fishing game. I cut out some paper fish and provided pencil crayons for the children to colour them in and write their name on them. They then attached a paper clip to their fish and let him have a ‘swim’ in Bob’s paddling pool.

fishing party game

I filled the paddling pool with some green shredded paper. Once their fish were in the pool the children had to try and catch them using magnetic fishing rods. It was great fun!

find your fish game

We also had lots of craft activities, including c.d. turtles, peg doll mermaids and balloon flounders. Watch this space!

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