I love planning the games and crafts for Bob’s parties! I usually start with a ‘pin the something on the something’ idea. 🙂 We have had Pin The Wand On The Fairy and Pin The Horn On The Unicorn in the past. This year I thought of Pin The Tail On The Whale. Not only would this be fun, it also rhymed! 🙂

I drew a big whale (minus his tail) and Bob helped me to paint it.

painting a pin the tail on the whale under the sea party game

I then drew his tail on a piece of paper and attached some blue tac to the back of it. I loved the finished result!

make you own pin the tail on the whale game

The children had lots of fun trying to Pin The Tail On The Whale at Bob’s Under The Sea party!

playing pin the tail on the whale an under the sea party idea

When I was looking for inspiration for Bob’s party I found some inflatable killer whales and dolphins in Poundland. I bought several of these as I knew they would come in handy.

inflatable under the sea creatures

We had a game where the children had to Walk The Plank! I bought a ‘plank’ from a garden centre and used some of the blue tablecloth for the sea. I stuck shark’s fins into the ocean and surrounded it with the blow up sea creatures.

walk the plank party game for an under the sea themed party

I put a bucket of sweets at the end of the plank so that the children could collect one as a reward.

under the sea party game ideas

We also had a feed the shark game but I will tell you all about that in my next post as I have lots of photos of how we made it to share with you.

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    What a brilliant idea, and a bit of a throwback post for me – I had one of those blow-up killer whales as a child!

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