Although I was very impressed with the Disney Princess themed party food we made for Bob’s 4th birthday, it means that a standard has now been set. I now want to make the party food as good if not better for all of Bob’s party.

Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to party ideas and they have some great party food inspiration. I spent hours searching for Under The Sea ideas and planning our menu.

Here is what I made:

Croissant Crabs

I thought that this was such a cute idea! I made cheese croissants and ham and cheese croissants. I then used half a slice of radish and stuck it to the croissant with cheese spread. Unfortunately the wobbly eyes and the cocktail sticks weren’t edible but Bob’s friends are old enough to know that.

under the sea party food croissant crabs

Octopus Peppers

I used two peppers for each octopus. One was used for the body and the other I cut into slices to make the legs. I stuck the olive slices onto the pepper with cheese spread to make the eyes. I also served some extra pepper sticks in case there weren’t enough.

under the sea party food peppers made to look like octopus

under the sea party food octopus peppers

Sea Cucumbers

I thought this was an easy way to include some more veg.

under the sea party food sea cucumbers


These were used to eat the tuna and sweetcorn pasta. This is Bob’s favourite food! She would even choose this over cake! As tuna is a fish I thought that this would fit in with our Under The Sea theme.

under the sea party food dinglehoppers

Starfish Sandwiches

My husband loves cutting sandwiches into shapes and I knew this would make his day! 🙂 I almost pushed him over the edge with all the shape cutting we did for the Disney Princess party.

under the sea party food starfish sandwiches

Shark’s Teeth

I cut cheese into little triangles. I thought this could be eaten with the Goldfish Crackers to make Under The Sea cheese and biscuits.

under the sea party food cheese made to look like sharks teeth

Goldfish Crackers

To be topped with sharks teeth or just eaten on their own. They are very moorish!

under the sea party food goldfish crackers


I always like to include some fruit. I think that a lot of children avoid it as they are parent free and there is cake but if it’s available I feel that I’ve done my part. I stuck the grapes onto a kebab skewer and called them seaweed to make them more exciting.

under the sea party food seaweed grapes

Crab Cookies

A couple of days before the party I thought there was something missing from our food plan. Apart from the cupcakes there was no other dessert. I had a brainwave that iced gems looked a bit like hermit crabs so I added these to our menu.

under the sea party food hermit crab cookies

We also had chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate shell shapes on the top. I used the mould that I used to make my icing seashells for Bob’s birthday cake.

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  12 Responses to “Under The Sea Party – Themed Party Food”


    wow…yummy and tasty food.


    I love how your brain works,


    This looks awesome. i love how you have themed the food x


    So inventive – those croissant crabs are absolutely gorgeous! And I definitely got the dinglehopper reference from the little mermaid!


    This is absolutely genius!! I love how creative everything looks and far more inviting than just whacking it on a plate! xxx


    Super inventive! The Croissant Crab made me actually laugh out loud!


    What an amazing idea! I’m always trying to find ways to get my little girl to eat. Fun ways. I may actually try the croissant crab idea!


    What a fab idea! Love all the signs as well. i want this for my birthday this year


    Love the crab croissants! They are super cute! We had a pirate party a month ago and had a desert island made out of hummus and a carrot and green pepper palm tree! Great ideas x

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