I have made Bob’s birthday cake every year. The cake always matches the theme of her party. When Bob was little I had full control over the theme and the cake and I could do things that I found easy. Her clown cake is still one of my favourites.

Now Bob tells me which sort of cake she would like. When she asked for a Disney Princess Castle Cake I panicked! I like to do most of the decorations in advance so there are no last minute surprises. I was worried that a lot of the castle would have to be made after the cake had been made. In the end I cheated and used kitchen roll tubes instead of Swiss roll. Nobody knew and Bob loved it!

Last year time was very limited and baking usually took place with a baby strapped to me. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to make her a cake that was good enough. Even the ideas were last minute.

I decided to ask her Ariel doll to help. Bob was keen on the idea that I was going to cover her doll in icing but I promised I would put her back to normal after the party. I tied Ariel’s legs together and covered them in icing. I then made scale marks with a knife to make it look like a tail.

making a little mermaid cake topper

A quick icing fin and a seashell bra later and Ariel was ready.

diy little mermaid cake topper

I then bought a seashell chocolate mould and used it to make icing shapes. I added these to the cake after it had been iced.

ariel the little mermaid cake

It was one of our less elaborate creations but it did the job.

singing happy birthday with candles

Bob was really pleased with it and she loved blowing out her candles.

my little mermaid blowing out her candles

Bob is already planning her 6th birthday party. She would like a Trolls party this year so I am hoping to make up for our Under The Sea cake with a rainbow, troll spectacular. Wish me luck!

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  21 Responses to “Under The Sea Party – Little Mermaid Cake”


    Oh wow that cake looks fantastic you did an amazing job and it looks like your little one loved it! Good luck with the next one.


    Awww what a lovely cake. I like the design.


    Oh wow, this is one amazing cake! You’re super talented – I wish I had the skills to make my kids birthday cakes 🙂

    Louise x


    This cake looks awesome, bet it tasted amazing too x


    I wish i could be that creative. Your daughter is really lucky! I would just need to buy it from the shop x


    The cake looks amazing!! I dread asking our daughter as one year I ended up making rapunzel in her tower!!


    That’s amazing!! Honestly I wouldn’t even know where to start if my kid really wanted a birthday cake like that. I made my sons second birthday cake, but when he turned 3 he demanded a blaze and the monster machines cake- no chance I was making that!


    What a cute cake, and an amazing idea to use her mermaid doll to feature on the top. Bob looks like she loved every minute of it!


    The fact this is classed as one of your “less elaborate” cakes, for me that would an amazing triumph to get a cake to that level. You have skills! Look forward to seeing your Trolls cake


    Wow! That cake is incredible! Can you come and do one for me?! I’m a massive Disney fan so this is my ideal cake! xo


    Now this is a cake with the wow factor! What a lucky girl 🙂 x


    THat’s brilliant – my daughter would have loved that when she was younger x x


    My twins are asking me to make their cake again this year, I wonder what they will ask for! Yours is great, she looks very happy with it


    You are so talented


    That cake is so fantastic! Well done.


    Cool! This cake looks very delicious 😉

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