Mar 202018

Bob has had an amazing party every year. We always have a theme, so far we have had parties with the following themes; Teddy Bears Picnic, Clowns, Woodland Fairies, Disney Princesses, Under The Sea and Trolls (which I have yet to write about as I am still getting over the craziness).The Trolls Party was quite manic as I think we invited too many people. This year, as she has changed schools, her guest list has grown! I have been panicking as I don’t think I could face a party that is even crazier than last year.

I think we may have found a solution. Her friend at school has her birthday on the same day as Bob. We have decided to have a joint school party as they would want to invite the same children. We are thinking of going to Build A Bear so all of the work will be done for us. That should remove about 15 people from Bob’s guest list. Phew!

We have then decided to have a party at home. Many of Bob’s friends can come and their parents can join them if they wish. We are friends with many of the parents so we could make it a house warming too.

Bob would like a baking party where they can make chef’s hats, decorate cakes and biscuits and play games. I love baking so I am very happy with this idea.

Then, weather depending we could have a garden party. We have an inflatable slide which our friend gave to us as their children have outgrown it. Bob and Bow love this so I know it would go down well with the other children. It can be made into a water slide which Bob is keen to try out but the weather would have to be wonderful for me to attempt that.

We can have a BBQ and the grown up can have a few glasses of wine. Knowing my friends I will have to stock up. Luckily I have found a laithwaites voucher which will come in very handy.

I think this plan is great. It’s a wonderful way for Bob to invite all of her friends and for us to spend time with ours too.

Now all we have to do is start planning. Luckily that’s our favourite part!

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