Win Tickets To The Baby & Toddler Show

Baby To Toddler takes place at the NEC in Birmingham in a couple of weeks from the 2-3 December. The aim of the event is to grant visitors access to offers and deals you won’t find anywhere else! Many of the biggest names and brands will be in attendance, as well as the high street boutique brands you don’t normally find on the high street. The show offers everything new and expectant parents need for their little ones, it comes [click here to read on]

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Ready to Check-In: Ways to Prepare for a Family Trip

Going on a family vacation is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for the parents. With so much to arrange, the stress of getting to the airport on time and not wanting to forget anything, it can all start to feel like it’s not much fun at all. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and pack for your trip so that everyone—including you—has a great time on your family vacation. Sort Out the Logistics [click here to read on]

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5 Essential Tips That Will Make Your Child Well Mannered

If you want to raise a child that is well mannered then you must stop looking at the world from your perspective (the adult viewpoint) and adopt a more child centric perspective. The constant swirl of rules and new scenarios can be highly confusing for a child so you must do all that you can to see the world from their viewpoint. This is especially true when trying to introduce new rules and concepts such as being polite and well [click here to read on]

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Jul 172017
Summer Dresses

The warmer weather is here and my wardrobe needs updating. Every summer I buy clothes but somehow, by the following year, I have nothing to wear! I am too hot in my jeans, even with flip flops so I need some new summer dresses! Love The Sales has some great bargains on there website. They pick the best sales around and have them all in one place. Buying things in the sales doesn’t seem as naughty and it means I [click here to read on]

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Wedding Preparations

My friend is getting married next year and I am honoured to be a bridesmaid! I have only been a bridesmaid once before. It was a wonderful day but, as I was 39 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t fully let my hair down. I am looking forward to dancing the night away and drinking prosecco this time around. It has been exciting being involved in the planning. My friend looked stunning when we went wedding dress shopping and I am looking [click here to read on]

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50 DVDs That You Must See Before You Grow Up!

We love watching DVDs and they are a lifesaver on long car journeys! Bob has a great collection, many of which were mine from before she was born. I am a big Disney fan! Now that Bob is older she loves it when we have a movie night! We buy popcorn and pick n mix and snuggle together to watch a film. Bob is still a bit young but I am looking forward to when we can all enjoy a [click here to read on]

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May 292017
Lost In Translation

I always worry about being able to speak the language when I visit places in other countries. I like to make an effort to learn some of the language as I feel rude expecting people to speak English in their own country. I studied French for 5 years at high school and although my French is quite rusty it comes back to me when I use it on a daily basis. By the time our holiday in Disneyland Paris came [click here to read on]

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