Winter is upon us and, people are preparing to stay indoors even more than they already are. The cold weather is driving people indoors, as well as driving them stir crazy. Winter does not have to mean an end to all fun and activities, though. You just have to get creative. There are quite a number of things that you can do in the winter to keep the family entertained.

Declutter After the Holidays

Getting organised after Christmas is a great way to beat the post holiday blues. Buy some storage units to put all of the new toys in order. Involve your children by asking them to help sort out the Polly Pockets from the Lalaloopsys. This will keep them entertained for hours. Trust me, I am speaking from very recent experience.

Shop for a New Wardrobe

Winter is coming. That does not mean style has to go away. On the contrary. There are dozens of different styles you can dress your kids in for this time of year. Just because coats are thicker and hats or hoods are worn on your kids’ heads doesn’t mean they can’t have these things and be fashionable.

Take your kids out shopping or do it online from the comfort of your couch. Help them pick out the latest boot styles or name brand shoes. Let your kids pick out what they want though and let them decide what styles they want to wear this winter. You simply provide the transportation / Internet access and, of course, the funds for their new wardrobe.

Play in the Snow

With those new winter coats, take your kids outside to play. Yes, their little faces will turn red from the wind and the cold, but that’s part of the fun. Scoop it up and throw the powdery snow into the air, or throw balls of it at each of your kids. Let your kids hit you with snowballs as well or it is not as fun for them.

If there is enough snow on the ground, start rolling it into a snowman. Have your kids help make a snow friend. You can even use old, outgrown clothes to “dress” it in. Neighborhood roads or hills slick or snow covered? Then bring out the sled and slide down them. No sled, no problem. Use the lid of a trash can to sit on and go down the wintry hills.

Get Away For Another Summer

You can take the kids on a summer vacation. That’s right – a summer vacation. Remember: only half the world is shivering right now. The other half is basking in the sun. Take a trip south of the equator to warm up from the freezing temperatures.

Places like New Zealand or Australia are perfect winter vacationing spots. While one is mostly a desert and the other is broken into two main islands, there is plenty to see and do in these Oceanic countries. Rainforest exploration, swimming and surfing, massive stone monoliths, dark caves full of glow worms, glaciers to tour, and ‘roos to pet; there is a lot to do in these summer locations.

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