We have all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Bob’s 2nd birthday.

She woke up on Saturday morning to find some presents had appeared in our living room. There was a tricycle (which I can’t wait to watch her master), an easel and lots of other lovely things. We spent a wonderful morning playing with Bob’s new toys and getting ready for our party.


In the afternoon our friends arrived and we had a wonderful clown party! We were blessed with a beautiful day, which was lucky as the party was going to be outside no matter what the weather. 😉


I didn’t take many photos as I was too busy clowning around but my fabulous friend Emily had her camera at the ready. I will share some of her fantastic photos with you when I have them.


There was lots of fun being had from parachute games to giant beach balls and Molly’s new slide got a good test drive. There was a clown birthday cake and clown cupcakes which I am planning ‘how to’ blog posts for and there was lots of yummy treats to eat.


Everyone had a wonderful time and Bob was running around outside until bedtime. She was so busy having fun that the presents from the party were not opened until Sunday. She had a lovely time opening her presents and playing with each one. She is a very lucky girl and we are fortunate to have such amazing friends and family.


Bob’s birthday celebrations are going to continue as we are going on holiday with my parents and my sister and her family at the weekend. We have a joint party planned for Bob and my nephew whose birthday is at the beginning of June.

I hope that you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

If you missed my 2nd year video for Bob you can see that here.

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  14 Responses to “Bob’s 2nd Birthday”


    I can’t believe how big she is now! Looks like you had a great day lovely xxx


    It looks like you gave her a great day. What a lucky girl. And I love that you all dressed up as clowns AND took a family portrait. Good work Mrs! X


    What an amazing day! That cake is bloody marvelous! Well done mum x Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


    That cake is amazing


    Happy Birthday to Bob, looks like it was an amazing party. I love the cake and she looks so happy with the bike! 🙂


    Wow that cake is amazing!! I’m so glad Bon had a great birthday and you all look fab in your costumes


    The cake looks amazing! Looks like you all had fun and have a nice time away next weekend x


    Looks like so much fun and I love the cake!


    Aww! she is very cute..Happy Fantastical Birthday to Bob 🙂


    Awwww! Happy Birthday to Bob! She just gets more and more adorable by the day! 🙂 That cake looks AMAZING, by the way! 🙂


    […] you know we had a clown themed birthday party for Bob’s 2nd birthday. I have been very busy making many clown creations out of […]

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