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I love having indoor picnics! We regularly celebrate anniversaries with an indoor picnic and a lovely film. These are more handy if less romantic since Bob came along as we don’t need to worry about childcare.

When Money Supermarket asked me to help with their Big Night In campaign I immediately thought of an indoor picnic. Our anniversary was on the 25th of June but due to illness it passed by without celebration. I thought that this would be a good excuse for an indoor picnic.

We have a picnic basket and a rug but it has been on many picnics (indoors and out) and is a little worse for wear. Money Supermarket gave me £50 to spend on our big night in and I wondered if this budget would stretch to a new picnic set. After searching the Internet I had almost given up when I came across this fabulous set on eBay for £12.99! Bargain!


When the picnic set arrived I was really impressed! It had matching plates, napkins, cutlery and cups. Bob thought she was at a party!


Although we haven’t watched a film in full since Bob was born when I saw Breakfast At Tiffany’s in the bargain bucket I couldn’t resist buying it in hope. I also bought a flying lantern to release after our meal but after hearing about the fire in the news recently I thought it was best not to.

We bought some goodies from our local farm shop and I baked a strawberries and cream cake.



Bob got very excited as we set up the picnic and she really enjoyed it! She loved using the little plastic plates. My husband and I used real plates as that is the beauty of an indoor picnic! You can’t take your best crockery on an outdoor picnic!


Another bonus of an indoor picnic is that you can wear your pyjamas! I once tried this in the park but I got some very strange looks! 😉


Bob didn’t have a nap yesterday and she fell asleep at 8pm. I excitedly put Breakfast At Tiffany’s in the DVD player but it was not meant to be. She woke up at 8.30pm, convinced that she had just had a nap and didn’t go to sleep again until 11.30pm.

Our picnics used to involve champagne, chocolates and romantic films. Now they involve spilt drinks, messy faces and crumbs but they are much more fun! 🙂


Disclaimer : I was given £50 to take part in Money Supermarket’s Big Night In campaign but all opinions and photographs are my own.

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    Our family loves picnics as well, they are so much fun. Your indoor picnic is quite unique. Apart from the fun you obviously had, it would have been so much easier with the time spent packing and unpacking as you would for a regular picnic.
    Besides, your rug looks like a piece of lawn so it’s as if you were outside anyway.. lol 🙂


    Well, what a totally fabulous awesome idea!


    What a brilliant idea! With the weather being so awful, this might be the only type of picnic we get this year too.


    I used to do indoor picnics all the time and I haven’t forages – thank you for reminding me! 😀

    I adore that blanket!


    I love this idea, we used to do this when I was younger and we’d all take over the living room and watch a film! I like the idea of actually using a picnic set though and what a great excuse to get some special treats! I hope you get to finish your film one day though 🙂 xx

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