I used to run a linky on my blog called Terrible Twosdays. I started this when Bob started being a little madam, long before she was two.


The linky turned out to be great therapy! Whenever Bob did something terrible, instead of getting stressed, I would grab my camera and look forward to writing the blog post. 🙂

There was the time when Bob bit my knee whilst I was having a wee. I squealed as it hurt and it shocked me and I think I scared Bob. My reaction meant she has never done it again! 🙂


She also managed to cause technical problems when she was playing with the remote control. She made everything turn to black and white and I had no idea how to turn it back to colour.

We also had problems with baby wipes, iPhones and Bob wanting to steal my cocktail.

Since then Bob has had her fair share of tantrums. I leave her to it but I worry that strangers think that I am a bad mother!

The other day I stupidly did a supermarket shop without my purse. Luckily the cashier was kind and he checked out all my items and saved my trolley for me so that I could just come back and pay.

On the way back to the shop Bob intentionally poured a bottle of juice all over herself and her car seat. Now she is 3 I don’t carry around a change of clothes and even if I did, the car seat was so wet it wouldn’t have made much difference.

I only had to nip into the store so I thought she would be alright. When we got inside Bob started to scream. She developed a waddle and started shouting, ‘I’m all wet, I can’t walk!’

I told her it was her own fault and that I was cross at what she had done. I then realised that onlookers might think that she had weed herself and that I was the worst mother in the world for being so cruel! I had to randomly keep saying,’You shouldn’t have poured your juice everywhere!’ I was so embarrassed!

She also has regular meltdowns at the end of days out. I think these are partly because she doesn’t want the day to end and partly because she is tired. Her tantrums put a real downer on the day and they make you forget what a lovely time we have had. We both arrived home stressed and in need of another day out.

I deal with Bob’s meltdowns the best that I can. I am always quite strict with her when it comes to behaviour and I have also started making her miss out on things that she enjoys if her behaviour is terrible.

I find her reaction to discipline harder than the behaviour itself. When I try to tell her off or reason with her she can get even sillier. I think it is because she is embarrassed. I stay calm, give her a couple of chances to listen, take responsibility for her behaviour and apologise and if all else fails she is punished by missing out.

Her Elsa dress was on the top of the bookcase for a while until she ‘earned’ it back and she also didn’t get to have her face painted at her nursery Christmas fair. There was a cake stall at child level and Bob kept eating cake straight out of the tray bake! I told her off and explained how naughty it was to take things before you had paid for them but she thought it was a game. I ended up giving the money that I would have spent on face painting to the cake stall instead.

Luckily Bob also has her angelic moments. She can be very loving and always seems to realise what she has done wrong in the end. It just might take a while sometimes.

How can I possibly stay mad at this face!


This post is my entry into Time 4 Sleep‘s competition to find the UK’s most mischievious toddler.

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    I think you sound very wise, I hate parents that don’t teach their kids responsibility for their actions.

    I once took my niece out to play in the park. It became time to leave and so i told her we had to go home, she wanted one more slide for her and her doll – which I agreed to. However after the slide she didn’t want to go and so went o get on the slide again as she is used to her folks giving in she thought I wasn’t serious when I said one more go. I was around that slide and pulled her off the steps as she was climbing up, I scooped up the doll, with her under the other arm and she started to scream. So at the top of my lungs I announced to the park “just wait until I tell your mother” and then left.

    I am now the only person that she listens too when they say one more time.

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