It’s TWOSDAY!!! How exciting!!! I have been looking forward to this all week! Was tempted to change it to Terrible Twursday so that it would arrive sooner but that just wouldn’t have had the same ring. ;o) Without further ado, here is my first Terrible Twosday post.

Bob has always taken an unhealthy interest in mobile phones and remote controls. (She obviously takes after her father!) When she was stationary it was easy to keep them out of her reach. Now that she is crawling and pulling herself up, nothing is safe!!! It amazes me how far she can reach!!! The evening that I decided to host this linky, as if she wanted to give me some material, Bob did this!!!


Fortunately it was Daddy’s iPhone. If it had been mine I wouldn’t have paused long enough to take the picture! ;0) Luckily the phone still works which is surprising with the amount of drool Bob is producing at the moment! I might be wrong but I don’t think that our insurance covers this!!!

If your little monkeys have been getting into mischief this week, link up your posts below (& if you are on twitter use the hashtag #terribletwosday) so that we can all giggle together and realise that we are not alone. Fingers crossed the linky works!!!


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  13 Responses to “Terrible Twosday (Not Just For Two Year Olds)”


    I can’t wait! Finally I can name and shame Bob! ;o)


    What a great idea! I too am going through the terrible twos with my LO and I had forgotten how hard it is!! Have you listed this linky on Love All Blogs?


    Glad you like it. I can’t wait! ;o) x


    What a great idea for a linky! If I don’t have a photo for this week I will definitely join up next week.


    Ooh, I’ve got this week’s one in my head now. Just got to write it…


    I have loved reading these, I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea! I am saddened I can not remember anything funny/tragic enough to enter today but shall make note for next week. Well done for such a fabulous blog!


    […] Accidental Mogul shares a Terrible Two story for The Crumby Mummy’s Terrible Tuesday linkie.  Have you got a terrible toddler?  Make sure you join in! […]


    Wait ’til she starts walking! And climbing! And running!

    Ours turn 2 in 9 days…

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