As well as an obsession for remote controls and mobile phones, Bob also has taken quite a shine to baby wipes. When she sees the packet her eyes light up! I don’t know why I waste my money on toys! If she is lucky enough to get hold of a packet she starts pulling out the wipes one by one. Usually she is intercepted quite quickly but the other morning a parcel arrived. By the time I got back into the living room she was surrounded!

She also enjoys sucking on a baby wipe whenever she gets the chance. Strange child! I am hoping that this is a good thing and, as the wipes contain chamomile, it might help her sleep!!! ;0)

I really enjoyed reading your Terrible Twosday posts last week. I almost hope that they have been up to mischief again! Sorry, it just makes me smile! If you have witnessed any monkeying around, please link up below and if you are on twitter, use the hash tag #terribletwosday so that we can all laugh I mean sympathise together! ;0)


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    Baby wipes tissues. paper towels, toilet paper: scattered for miles around in seconds flat if they’re let at them! Ours are exactly the same


    It’s so true-who needs toys! Wriggles is OBSESSED with pulling all the tissues out the tissue box or unwinding the kitchen roll. Sometimes I have a soft moment and let her have her fun then regret it when I can’t find a tissue left anywhere in the flat!


    […] material at my fingertips, it was great to see that The Crumby Mummy has started the weekly linky, The Terrible Twosdays.  But what “charming anecdote” to throw into the mix […]


    Lol, another favourite habit of the Minx! What is the fascination do you think? Does the conversation in their head go something like, “Wow, I pull one out and look! There’s another! I wonder what happens if I pull another… Wow, there’s another one!” and so on until the packet is empty or they’re caught red handed?

    Thanks for sharing, and I managed to get my post in on time this week!


      I have no idea! Maybe it’s quite therapeutic. We should try it sometime! ;o) Thanks for linking up! Yours is fab and has given my a scary vision of what is to come. Everybody go and have a read!!! x


    hehehe bless her such innocence in that face, how could anyone get mad even if she is recking the house 🙂


    Just found your blog via Mummy’s Cheeky Monkey and it is lovely- I am now subscribing. 🙂


    How cute Bob is!! And Holly does the same thing with the wipes, her eyes light up when she spies them!


    Terrible Twosday is a great idea for a linky! I think we all have that photo..


    My daughter was obsessed with pulling the baby-wipes out, she used to drive me a bit bonkers. There used to be a fight to see who could get to the baby-wipes first! Mimi didn’t like to suck on them however my nephew has taken a liking to the taste!
    It doesn’t seem to get any better as they get older. My daughter is nearly 3 and I keep finding her unravelling the toilet roll!
    Great linky.

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