I am so glad that I have Terrible Twosday in my life! It makes me see the funny side of everything! Last week Bob did something that would, normally, traumatise me! Instead I smiled, grabbed the camera and got excited about this weeks post.

Now for the trauma…

When we are home alone I take Bob into the bathroom when I need to go to the toilet. Until recently she would just sit on her mat and play with her toys. A few weeks ago she began crawling over to me and climbing up my legs. Although this made the process a bit trickier, I could cope with this as it wasn’t too much of a problem. I just kept sitting her down and she kept standing back up. Until last week!

Bob crawled over to me and started to climb up my jeans. I sat her down and she climbed up again. This is when the ‘accident’ happened. There I am having a (not so) peaceful wee and Bob bites my knee!!! I cried out and quickly sat her back down. Maybe I scared her or maybe she wanted another bite as when I sat her down she started having the biggest paddy!

Like I said, a few weeks ago I would have got stressed whereas instead the only thing I panicked about was whether my phone was in reaching distance. Luckily it was, so you can see Bob mid paddy. This was the point before she lay down on the floor. ;0) She is going to hate my blog when she grows up!

If the apples of your eye have been up to no good, feel free to link up below. It’s great therapy! ;o)

Feel free to grab a button. I am spoiling you this week by giving you two to choose from. Let me know which one you prefer.

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    That is a great picture! Bless her that is a seriously miserable face! It’s funny the things that set them off isn’t it?


    Bless her! These naughty little mites!


    I feel awful for laughing but what a picture! 🙂


    Aw that face, so heartbreaking but funny to hehehe x

    Be sure to stop by ‘Our Footprints On The World’ tomorrow and check out our specail Easter Challenge on our Link Up Party! Hope to see you there x x


    Will pop over and have a look. x


    Al I can say is hahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha xxx


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    awww bless her! Yes I can just picture it now! Is that a good thing??? lol! x


    Poor Bob! Hope your knee’s OK 🙂


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