Since becoming a parent I have met lots of other mummies. Some have become close friends and others I have chatted to briefly whilst our children played together. I still find it strange how quickly you can bond with people when you have children in common. 

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You would think that you would stick to pleasantries when you don’t know someone but being a mummy seems to give you a bond. I have been known to swap birth stories with other women before I know there name. I only know them as ‘Lily’s mummy’ but I know how Lily arrived in the world in great detail. 

Sharing with people helps you to make sense of things. Knowing that people have gone through something similar makes you feel like you are not alone. Talking helps and it’s worrying to think that there are so many things that people feel they can’t discuss. Which? Wills have developed an infographic following their research into the ‘unmentionable’ topics that people dread discussing with their family and friends. Sex, finances, death and relationships were top of the list. 

I realised that I would rarely bring up any of those topics. I have discussed things when other people have broached the subject and I have found our heart to hearts helpful. Hearing my friend complain about her husband made me see that all relationships have their difficulties and other people aren’t always living the rose coloured lives that they share on Facebook. 

I have also been known to avoid some of these subjects. Whenever my mum mentions a time when she is no longer here and the plans they have put in place I tell her off and change the subject. It is hard to think about the horrible times that may lie ahead. Thinking about our parents no longer being with us is horrible and I don’t want to know about the plans and procedures but sometimes these things need to be discussed. 

My husband and I haven’t made a will because, again, we don’t want to think about it. Hopefully these times will be far in the future but unfortunately life is uncertain and it helps to be prepared. When it comes to making a will I wouldn’t even know where to start. Fortunately Which? Wills has simplified the process with their easy to use online tool to create a will in 30 minutes.

Thinking about these ‘taboo’ subjects has made me realised that a problem shared really is a problem halved. Sharing our experiences and getting advice from a friend or loved one can really help! 

topics that we dread discussing

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  7 Responses to “Oversharing And The Unspeakable”


    I couldn’t agree more, sharing with friends and family really does make anything seem easier 🙂


    Maybe I’m an exception but I tend to overshare a lot of things! x


    I overshare with friends but only with certain topics there are some that I do keep to myself. I’m in that 77%! from the infographic.


    Wow, I didn’t realise some of these statistics! I like to think I have broad shoulders and a listening ear and people say I am good at giving advice. I hope that people feel they can talk to me x


    Interesting reading your post, as I also feel I share much more now that I am a parent!


    Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing

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