I have just tried to find a photograph of myself and my husband to accompany this post and I had to go back to 2010, before Bob was born! We have been out occassionally since then but our child free evenings are very few and far between. It has made me realise how important it is to find time for each other and I have asked my parents to come and babysit sometime soon so that we can go out. I love my babies but I can’t wait! Now for the post I was supposed to be publishing. 🙂

Mums work day in and day out, and even though it’s probably the most rewarding job on the planet it can get tough. A good challenge is acceptable and mostly welcomed by most of us but a row of challenging scenarios can make you feel distressed. Below is a list of three inexpensive ways to relax when the going gets too tough so that you can emerge as a stronger and more fun parent who would be able to stomp all over petty issues and enjoy your time with your children.

Ask someone to look after the kids while you take a nap or nip out:
Naps are amazing! I have been known to have a sneaky nap with Bow when he is snoozing. This isn’t always possible as he rarely naps for very long and I sometimes don’t even have time to fall asleep! It is also nice to make time for you to do something you enjoy. Going out for a drink or two with your partner or friend or just going for a child free walk can work wonders.

mummy daddy date night

If you can, ask a friend or family member to look after your children for a little while. This will not only help you to relax, it will also help the kids feel close to other members of the family.

Get a Helper:
Maybe ask an older child from the neighborhood to help you out for a day in exchange for some pocket money, Just ask them to come over to your house for an hour and play with your children. The kids will be more than happy to have a new playmate!

Get some ‘me-time’ after they sleep:
If you don’t want to leave the kids with someone else, you can still relax if you consciously want to do so. After they sleep, instead of turning on the TV and mindlessly channel shuffling in hopes of comfort, you can watch something that you have been meaning too see but had not found the time to, or you can play some free bingo online to relax.

Now that you know how to keep yourself stress free, go ahead and take and a break if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything.

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    Great post!.

    You are soo right. Our twins are four months ago and trying to find time for ourselves has been difficult. We have had one date night alone. We have had a crazy few years. Three years of infertility and IVF treatments and now twins. We really have to start making more time for ourselves, though.

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