Most believe that the secret to throwing a great children’s party is buying expensive decorations or even hiring mascots to visit their children and guests. In reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kids parties are all about the fun factor! That’s what the kids will remember!

It’s helpful to plan for your party. Think of ideas like party activities and games that kids can play, whether it’s a game of UNO, or even just playing games in the yard, kids will appreciate your planning ahead.

While expensive decorations aren’t necessary, some decoration is sure to be a hit. Children of most ages enjoy being stimulated and visual stimulation is one of the easiest ways to bring life to your party. No matter what you buy with a little planning you can bring a room to life. Argos has some great party things and it’s great if you can get a discount too.

One of the keys to good party planning is finding out in advance how many guests you will host. No one wants to attend a party only to find that all the food is gone – especially children! Make sure you get enough juice, candy or cake for everyone in attendance plus a few more just in case.

Decide early what you’d like to host for your guests. You might even consider tailoring the food to the theme of the party. Sandwiches cut into shapes can match the theme of your party at no extra cost. If you are planning a party in a restaurant you can find some great discounts on the Mamma website. This is a great way to upscale your food service without paying a pretty penny.

wish upon a star sandwiches

Another key to effective party planning is to decide on a theme. A themed party is a fun idea that is rarely used to its full potential. Using a mermaid themed party as an example, we can accommodate both young boys and girls. For the young ladies you can hand out seashell necklaces or bracelets made from trinkets. For the young men, construction paper pirates hats or cardboard cutlasses.

d.i.y. seashells necklaces

Don’t stop at decorating the walls with sea shells, place starfish decals on the floor, or maybe decorate a sandbox area with styrofoam painted to look like coral. Don’t have or want to spend money on decals? Make your own using construction paper and cardboard. You can also find bargains in pound shops.Believe it or not these inflatable under the sea creatures were £1 each! Be creative and your guests will have fun!

inflatable under the sea creatures

Once again these ideas are all easy to do, inexpensive and require minimal investments so you can spend more money on gifts. One final touch that your young party goers will always appreciate is a parting gift. It could be something as small as a card, or a candy. It should fit within the theme of your party and be passed out as the fun and festivities end. This will keep your guests wanting more, and ultimately create interest in future events you host. Who knows—following these tips might even cause your friends to request your services as their party planner.

So let’s recap:

• Find out your guest count and expect a few more.
• Pick a theme and decide on food for the guests (try to accommodate different tastes).
• Decide events based on your theme or what you have available to you.
• Make sure you get creative with your décor, it goes a long way to a great experience.
• Finally, make sure you give your guests something to remember you by, whether it is edible or a keepsake, your guests will remember all of the fun they had.

Use these tips to plan a perfect kids party and you can’t go wrong.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  11 Responses to “How To Throw A Cheap Party For Your Kids”


    I agree that the part that kids will remember is that the party was fun. I also agree that expensive decorations don’t have to be apart of that fun aspect. When I throw parties I make a lot of decorations myself because it not only saves money, but my kids enjoy seeing me work on hard the parties for them. I love looking up ideas for the parties I throw my kids.


    Fab tips. I will bookmark this for when next I need to throw a kid’s party.


    Great tips and I love those star shaped sandwiches they are cute. My girls would love to have cut out sandwiches I’m sure. I goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great party.


    Very good tips and ideas. Really useful and the outcome is fun 🙂


    There are some great tips in this post, I love the star sandwiches! x


    I like the idea of star sandwiches. Your little sign is really nice as well.
    Good tip about picking a theme 🙂


    Ahh fab tips! I totally needed to read this as Reuben is having a birthday party in a few weeks! H x


    It was my birthday over the weekend and we packed it full of fun and my daddy dressed up and pretended to be Captain Hook to keep costs down!

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