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A couple of months ago we were invited to the opening of a new Beano themed play area at the Old Brickworks Brewers Fayre near Bradford. Bob had an amazing time and she has loved Dennis the Menace and Gnasher ever since. She has fond memories of the day and is always asking if we can meet Dennis again.

When we were invited to the opening of the new play area at the Dalesway Brewers Fayre in Keighley I knew we had to go! Keighley is only half an hour from our house and Bob was desperate to see Dennis again!

Our friends came with us and when Dennis met us at the entrance Bob was in awe! She was so pleased to see her friend again and didn’t want to leave his side to go to the play area!


Eventually we managed to prise her away from him. 🙂

We have been to this Brewers Fayre before but the play area had changed since we were last here. It is now Beano themed and there is a separate seating area and a party room.

Bob and her friend had a wonderful time exploring the play area!



Bob also had her arm painted. She suffers from eczema on her face so she likes to have her arm painted instead.


The lady did a wonderful job! It was so pretty I wanted my arm painting too!


Every time Bob spotted Dennis everything else was out on hold. She only had eyes for him!


We decided to go and do some colouring as all of the playing had made everyone quite hot.


We all had a lovely meal and after some more playing (indoors and outside on the play area in the beer garden) and some balloon wand fun it was time to go home.

The girls didn’t want to leave as they were still having so much fun! We had to tell them that Dennis had gone to bed and the pub was closing.

Thank you for inviting us again Brewers Fayre! We all had a wonderful time and Bob is now a dedicated Beano fan! We have had to but a box set of Beano DVDs so that she doesn’t have withdrawal symptoms. 🙂

Disclaimer: We were invited to Brewers Fayre for fun and food in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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    Thanks again for taking us along, Alice had a great time – we’ll definitely be going back! X

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