Under The Sea Party - Party Favours

I usually make goody bags for the party favours. I looked for under the sea themed party bag fillers but I wasn’t very impressed with what I found. Sweet bags are all the rage now so I decided to make Under The Sea themed sweetie cones instead. I decide to turn the cone into a mermaid tail. I cut out fund from sparkly card and attached them to the bottom of each cone. I then filled them with jelly turtles, [click here to read on]

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Under The Sea Party - Seashell Invitations

I love planning Bob’s birthday parties! I am constantly thinking of ideas and a couple of months before her birthday I get excited as it means I can start preparing. We have had a teddy bears picnic, a clown party, a woodland fairy party, a Disney princess party and this year we had an under the sea party for her 5th birthday. I love sending the invitations as I think they set the scene. In the past I have made [click here to read on]

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Disney Princess Party - Themed Games & Crafts

I am so far behind with my posts that we are planning Bob’s 5th birthday party before I have finished telling you about her 4th. This year we are going to have an Under The Sea theme. Bob wanted it to be a Little Mermaid party but I thought that Under The Sea would give us more to work with. Last year we had a Disney Princess party and we had lots of games to keep the children entertained.  Olaf [click here to read on]

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Disney Princess Party - Themed Food

As many of you probably know, I love party planning and I love themes! Bob has had a themed birthday every year even though she didn’t really know what was happening at her first birthday. This year she had a Disney Princess party. I have already posted about the invitations, the cake and the party bags and I had lots of other aspects of the party that I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately pregnancy and childbirth got in the [click here to read on]

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Where to Buy Nappy Cakes for Your Baby Shower

Image by jewell willett via Flickr Before, nappy cakes were a rarity and seen only once and awhile, and now they’ve become so popular that everyone wants to give the mum-to-be a custom made one. With this popular trend taking off, you’ll find nappy cakes everywhere, including specialty baby gift websites, carrying every kind of theme you’d ever want from a snuggly bath time nappy cake to a colourful playtime one. However, if you are crafty, you may find it [click here to read on]

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Disney Princess Party - Party Bag Fillers.

I made some lovely princess party bags for Bob’s party, you can see how I made them here. The party bag fillers were very important, obviously for the children but also because they gave the skirts their shape. All You Need To Party sent me some lovely princess tiaras and some jewellery. I struggled to get these into the party bags as Bob wanted them all. I then added a little purse, some bubbles and some sweets. I put boys [click here to read on]

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Disney Princess Party - D.I.Y. Party Bags

I like to make lots of things for Bob’s parties. I know you can buy perfectly lovely things but making them makes it feel more special. I found a lovely idea for some Disney Princess party bags on Pinterest. Party Box sent me some plain coloured party bags which were perfect for the project. I then printed and cut out the toppers. I stuck 2 princess toppers together to make them double sided. I then made a 1cm cut in [click here to read on]

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