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Before, nappy cakes were a rarity and seen only once and awhile, and now they’ve become so popular that everyone wants to give the mum-to-be a custom made one. With this popular trend taking off, you’ll find nappy cakes everywhere, including specialty baby gift websites, carrying every kind of theme you’d ever want from a snuggly bath time nappy cake to a colourful playtime one.

However, if you are crafty, you may find it easy to create your own baby shower nappy cake, either a traditional style or one of the endless themes.

Traditional Nappy Cakes

Traditional nappy cakes were made out of two tiers of nappies and a top tier of rolled washcloths, with decorated ribbon, and a stuffed animal for a cake topper. They were very pretty and you could still personalise them with various baby essentials but times have evolved since then. Nowadays, even DIY nappy cakes are being created in so many different styles such as a bassinet diaper cake, made out of shoeboxes or book-themed nappy cake, where each tier represents a different children’s book.

Where to Buy Readymade Nappy Cakes

Are you hosting a baby shower for a close friend or family member and wondering where to find nappy cakes? This is the time to splurge and buy a readymade nappy cake, especially if you’re contemplating using more than one, such as one for a gift and one for a shower decoration or table centrepiece. You can search online so you have more ideas on where to find nappy cakes for your baby shower. Baby Gift Box carries an array of baby gifts, including nappy cakes that will delight both the new mother and baby.

All of their nappy cakes are created on a silver cake plate with a 9-inch cake board, personalised name tags, and decorative satin ribbon. Here is where the fun and customisation starts. You could choose one of their specialty baby shower cakes, which include items like a 100% cotton Muslin wrap, a velour snuggly blanket, a cuddly teddy bear, baby socks, and of course nappies.

You could even take it one step further with their “Bubbalicious” nappy cakes, which are their premium ones, featuring a quilt-size Muslin wrap, a 100% cotton bodysuit and socks, nappies, and Ferrero Rocher chocolate flowers and a scented wooden flower for the parents.

If you like themed gifts, think about a bath time nappy cake. They carry both boy and girl-themed ones, which include similar items like a hooded towel, a rubber ducky, a face washer set that also works in the tub, scented soaps for the new mum, and lots of nappies.

If you want to present the new parents with a colourful fun nappy cake, consider buying a “Playtime-themed” nappy cake. Besides the Muslin wrap, snuggly blanket and nappies, these feature clip-on zoo animals for your baby to interact with while in the stroller or the bassinet. It also includes activity rings.

Have you made or bought nappy cakes before? What do you think of this ever popular trend? Tell us what your favourite theme of nappy cake cakes are in the comments below!

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    There are some stunning nappy cakes available – I love them, they are a great gift idea. Kaz x

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