Peter Rabbit - The Tale Of The Great Squirrel Adventure DVD Giveaway

A new Peter Rabbit DVD is being released on Monday the 24th October and to celebrate I have a copy to giveaway. This is the 5th instalment in Peter’s adventures by Abbey Home Media. The DVD has over 70 minutes of fun and mischief from Peter and his friends. Peter Rabbit – The Tale of the Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure features the following episodes:- The Tale of The Rabbit and Squirrel Great Adventure The Tale of Old Brown’s Feather [click here to read on]

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Out & About With Mamia

We love the Mamia baby food range from Aldi. Bow was extremely fussy when I was weaning him and these were one of the only things I could get him to eat. I tried making my own food as that worked well with Bob but the only thing I could get Bow to eat was pear. I also tried baby led weaning but all the food either ended up on the floor or smushed into his high chair. Bow loved [click here to read on]

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Oct 052016
Our Bedtime Routine

Our days are so busy! We always seem to be off doing things. School runs, baby groups, baby swimming, Bob’s swimming lessons, Rainbows, dance classes. By the time we have had dinner we are all pretty tired so we try to keep our bedtimes as relaxing as possible. Bow loves having a bath. He gets very excited when I start to run one and he can’t wait to get in. I am not sure how much the splashy, fun bath [click here to read on]

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Halloween's Coming

I love Halloween. Long before I had children I loved dressing up and going to parties and themed events. My favourite costume was the marshmallow man. I bought a white boiler suit and glued marshmallows all over it. Although I loved how this costume looked, it wasn’t the comfiest outfit. I used 5kg of marshmallows to cover the whole suit. 5kg was hanging from my shoulders throughout the party and after a while my shoulders started to ache. It was [click here to read on]

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Winter Wardrobe Ideas With Debenhams Voucher Codes

I am so ready for Autumn and Winter. I wouldn’t say that I disliked Summer but I have had enough of the changeable weather and the stuffy air. I took Bob to school the other morning and it was cold and dull. I sent her with a raincoat just in case. That afternoon the sun came out. When I went to pick Bob up she told me off as I hadn’t sent her sun hat. I am ready to wear [click here to read on]

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Sep 262016
1 Year Old

I can’t believe my little Bow is 1 year old today! The speed at which children grow never fails to amaze me! I feel like I have cherished the moments more the 2nd time around. Bob’s 1st year passed in a sleep deprived haze. I used to dream of a time when we would get some sleep. This time I haven’t allowed myself to do that. I stopped myself from wishing the nights away. I knew that the time would [click here to read on]

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The Day You Say I Love You

When Bob was a baby I used to wonder how she would learn to talk. I know it’s something that most children do but the concept amazed me. I used to ask friends with children how their speech developed, wondering how they made the leap from single words to full sentences. Nobody seemed to be able to tell me. They knew it had happened but they weren’t sure of the process. As Bob grew I was amazed at how her [click here to read on]

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