Bing DVD Review & Giveaway

My daughter enjoys watching Bing on CBeebies so when I asked her if she would like to review a Bing DVD I knew what the answer would be. This is the first Bing DVD and it has 10 episodes of the show on it. It also comes with a height chart. If you haven’t seen Bing it is a lovable show that focuses on the adventures of a little bunny. It is perfect for pre school children! Bob sat glued [click here to read on]

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When Is The Right Time To Have Another Baby?

This post was written last year but I didn’t want to publish it in case we were unable to conceive. I’m sure you know by now that my blog is my happy place. It’s Time For a while I have wished that I was brave enough to have another baby. I would love it if Bob had a sibling! I have my sister and the bond we have is like no other. I have some fabulous close friends but my [click here to read on]

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Lost My Name Book Review

I heard about the Lost My Name book recently. My friend had her daughter christened and she ended up receiving 3 copies of this wonderful book. I don’t think this book was around when Bob was a baby, otherwise I am sure I would have heard of it. The book follows a child who has lost their name in their journey to find it. On their way they meet various things that start with a letter of their name. When [click here to read on]

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Mar 292015
Holy Guacamole

I have been loving the first glimpses of summer. I have even retired my Ugg boots until next winter, this is how much faith I have in our weather! I doubt my decision some mornings when it is quite frosty but by 11am my faith is restored. Our house that we are living in at the moment doesn’t have a garden and it is also quite a strange layout, which wouldn’t be very practical with a baby on the way. [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Eeeesssshhhhkkkk!

We have all been smiling from ear to ear this week. If you missed our little announcement yesterday here it is again. I don’t think that I fully believed that I was pregnant until I had my scan yesterday and now I have to get my head around the fact that I am almost 14 weeks! We told Bob last night and she was over the moon! She kept talking about all the things that she was going to do [click here to read on]

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A Little Announcement
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Our Search For A Practical Family Car & Tips For Getting Car Finance

We really struggled to find the right car after Bob was born. I loved my Beetle and I was sad to see it go but it just wasn’t practical. I still tried to have a ‘girly’ car but I got one with 4 doors to make things easier. I exchanged my Beetle for a Nissan Note and I hated it! It was a bit more practical but it didn’t feel as solid as my Beetle and it wasn’t anywhere near [click here to read on]

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