Fabyouless Card Review & Giveaway

When you are a mother you put yourself at the bottom of the list. ‘Me time’ is a distant memory! I rarely think about what I need and I don’t like spending money on myself! When I was contacted by Fabyouless asking if I would like to try out their new hair & beauty discount card, I realised that I hadn’t had my hair done in 6 months! I also realised what a mess it was! The thought of having [click here to read on]

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The Softest Robe In The Land

A gorgeous item arrived in the post this morning! The delivery was delayed as I put down the wrong address. When will I realise I’ve moved! As soon as I saw the item I knew I had to get this post published today as the little people in your life need one of these this Christmas! Bob loved unwrapping her delivery. It was beautifully packaged! Inside the box was a reindeer robe! It had antlers (or ankles as Bob calls [click here to read on]

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Dec 182014
Christmas Gifts

For the last couple of years I have tried to secretly arrange Christmas. I haven’t let Bob see one present being wrapped and they all would magically appear on the big day. This was very hard work! Then on the day I worried Bob would be confused as adults were exchanging gifts and thanking each other. Bob has become so inquisitive that I knew she would question this now she is more aware. She has already started questioning whether or [click here to read on]

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Dec 182014

When we first moved to Yorkshire I considered getting a job. I love blogging and I have been really lucky to be able to make money from something I love but it is unstable and I do miss real life conversation. I love cyberland but to go to work and talk to someone older than 3 was appealing. Although I didn’t finish my PGCE I would be happy to go back to being a teaching assistant. There were also various [click here to read on]

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While Chefs Watch Their Fox By Night

When I was Bob’s age I came home from nursery and told my mum that I wanted to be a fox in the nativity. My mum explained that there wasn’t a fox in the nativity and I replied, ‘Oh yes there is! While shepherds watch their fox by night!’ When I got over the fact that I couldn’t be a fox I decided I wanted to be a king. Unfortunately I didn’t get the part and I was someone who [click here to read on]

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Dec 172014
Hair Raising Hair!

I had my hair cut and coloured for the first time in 6 months the other day and I can’t believe how much better it has made me feel! Before I became a mummy I would have my hair done every 2 months. Since Bob came along it is harder to arrange time and I worry about the money more so it doesn’t happen as often. I think 6 months is some sort of record though! I have even given [click here to read on]

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The Book Of Everyone

I never know what to buy Michael for Christmas! His birthday is at the end of November and any ideas that I have are used for birthday presents. I try and get some ideas from him and sometimes just ask him outright what he would like but he can never think of anything. How on earth am I supposed to think of anything then! When I was contacted by The Book Of Everyone asking if I would like to review [click here to read on]

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