Jan 312015
Share A Smile

This week I am going to share a day full of smiles! On Sunday my friend had her daughter christened and I had the honour of being her godmother. I was overwhelmed when she asked me and over the moon. It took me a long time to write her christening card as I struggled to put into words how much it meant to me. I also wanted to let her know that I would always be there for her. I [click here to read on]

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The Toddler And The Camera

If you have seen the photographs from Compo’s photo shoot you will know that my friend now has 3 beautiful children. When her 2nd child was born I took some photos of the two of them together. We had a lovely time! Her eldest was a natural with the camera and her 2nd child was too young to know any different. She wanted me to take some more so that she had some of the 3 of them. Her eldest [click here to read on]

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Jan 242015
Share A Smile

I love Bob’s imagination! It never fails to make me smile! I am quite creative, some people would say that I like to ‘faf’, and we are always making things out of junk. Whether it’s a box for Bob to serve popcorn out of before we watch a film or a trampoline for her small world toys out of a plastic cup and some cling film. The other day when I went to pick Bob up from nursery she ran [click here to read on]

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You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Here are a few more photos from Compo’s photo shoot. To find out the story behind his nickname and see photos of him in a bucket click here. This little sequence of shots made me chuckle. I imagine that this is the moment where he realises that he has two big sisters and he is outnumbered. Bless him! He doesn’t realise it yet but wrapping his sisters around his little finger will be no problem as he is so adorable! [click here to read on]

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10 Ways to Refresh Your Home

With a new year we all want a fresh start in as many ways as we can. We want to reinvigorate our attitude to life and work, be healthier and generally live a happier, healthier, more content life. An important aspect of this clean slate is making your home the nicest place it can be to relax. Luckily, this New Year’s resolution does not need to take a lot of time, effort or money. With these simple tips you can [click here to read on]

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Jan 172015
Share A Smile

Bob has loved the idea of ballet for a while. A few months ago we went to a toy shop and out of everything in the shop she chose a ballerina fancy dress costume. Bob had her first ballet class last week. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to go! When we arrived she saw all of the other children in their beautiful outfits and asked if she could have some clothes like that. I told her that if [click here to read on]

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Imprify Photo Book Review

Mobile phones have improved so much over the last few years! There used to be a huge difference in the photos that I took with my phone and the ones that I could capture with my camera but now the difference isn’t as great. I still adore my camera and would always use it for a planned photo shoot or a special occasion but for days out I regularly rely on my phone. I also love how you can share [click here to read on]

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