A Stocking For A One Year Old

I didn’t bother with a stocking for Bob when she was tiny. I only started with stockings when she was old enough to know what was happening. Bow has had to have a stocking every Christmas since birth otherwise Bob would wonder why Father Christmas had put presents in her stocking and not her baby brother’s. When Bow was tiny I filled his stocking with rattles discovery balls, an apple and an orange. He was only 2 months old but [click here to read on]

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul DVD Review & Giveaway

It is lovely now that Bob is old enough to watch things that we enjoy too. At the weekend, she loves staying up later than Bow and watching a film with us. It is lovely to have some family television time that doesn’t involve Peppa Pig. On Friday night we watched the new film in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. We haven’t seen the other films but I have heard that there is a new cast in this [click here to read on]

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Ready to Check-In: Ways to Prepare for a Family Trip

Going on a family vacation is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for the parents. With so much to arrange, the stress of getting to the airport on time and not wanting to forget anything, it can all start to feel like it’s not much fun at all. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and pack for your trip so that everyone—including you—has a great time on your family vacation. Sort Out the Logistics [click here to read on]

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First Class Friends DVD Giveaway

Both of my children love Milkshake! With a 4 year age gap, there is not much that they both enjoy. Milkshake has such a great variety of programmes that they are both happy to sit in front of their Milkshake DVD. Bow loves Peppa Pig and Noddy, Bob loves Shimmer & Shine & Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and they both enjoy Fireman Sam!  Abbey Home Media are realeasing a brand new Milkshake DVD collection on Monday the 23rd October. [click here to read on]

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A Fall Football Party

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. The temperatures are dropping and friends gather for many fun adventures. From exciting football games to harvest festivals, there is much to celebrate. People reach for their cozy hoodies and snuggle up in front of the fire. Welcome back fall with a gathering of your friends and family. Celebrate with the children after school or plan a fun day out with your preschoolers. A fall theme party complete with a candy buffet [click here to read on]

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Oct 082017
Our New Home

Last week was quite challenging. We moved house on Friday, in the midst of a sickness bug. Moving house is hard enough, this was a nightmare! Now we can look back on it with a slight smile and I am sure we will find it funny one day. We are now settled in to our new home and it is wonderful! We have moved a few times since we relocated to North Yorkshire and we have finally found our home. [click here to read on]

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Happy Places Not Far From Home

We used to love going abroad before we had children. It was a great way to relax! We’d spend days lying around the pool, watching the world go by. We’d also hire a Jeep and explore what the area had to offer. It was wonderful to experience the local cuisine independently, rather than on a bus full of tourists. We arrived at a restaurant one afternoon and ordered our Greek salads. The waiter smiled at us and said that we [click here to read on]

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