Oct 022014

After a crazy few days all of our furniture is in place and most of the boxes are unpacked! There is the small problem of where I am going to put all of my shoes but I am planning a big shrine somewhere. I just have to convince my husband. Our new house is lovely! It has many more stairs than we are used to but it will save me having to find a gym. Bob loves it! She has [click here to read on]

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Top 5 Fun Online Hobbies For Parents - Guest Post

The only time of the day parents get to relax is in the twilight of the day, when the kids have drifted off to the land of nod. After a long day at work, or spent caring for the children, all mum and dad want to do is make a bit of time for themselves and do the hobbies they don’t usually get to do. But with the internet having endless avenues and activities available, what are the best hobbies [click here to read on]

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Sep 262014
...And We're Off!

Moving day has arrived! I am excited but I am also worried about how long it will take us to unpack. If how long it took to pack is anything to go by I will be unpacking until next year. We have had some wonderful memories in our current house and we are looking forward to the happy times to come in our new home. We won’t have broadband in the new house until the 6th of October but I [click here to read on]

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Pregnancy Photo Shoot - Peek A Boo

When we were taking my friends pregnancy photos she wanted to recreate a photo that she had found on Pinterest. This involved her peaking from behind something showing her bump. After a few attempts we manage to position her halfway behind the backdrop. I had my husband standing on a chair holding the backdrop at the perfect angle. Sorry Michael! The first couple we took didn’t work. The way her top fell didn’t show off her bump and there was [click here to read on]

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Another Bedroom Fit For A Princess

I really enjoyed decorating Bob’s room at our current house and I still love the result! We move on Friday and I am worried that her new room will not be as fabulous as this one. It is a bigger room which is great but, as it is a rented property, we are not allowed to decorate. I am allowed to put wall stickers up but I can’t start painting paths and hills on the walls as I have done [click here to read on]

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Warbling Water Fights

When planning a party I love having a theme to base everything on. I think a party bag is much more fun when it’s contents match the theme of the party! The party bags for the Woodland Fairy Party had some lovely things in. I wondered if it would be silly to put my name on one. You can see my post about the party bags and their contents here. One of the items was a bird warbler. When these [click here to read on]

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Sep 162014
Caravan Capers

We love going away in our caravan! We have had so many lovely holidays in it and Bob really enjoys them! I am still wary of going abroad with Bob after our initial disaster. I know she is older now and would probably be fine but I see abroad holidays as relaxing and there is no way they would be that now! When you have children things are more relaxing when they are entertained. You may not be lying around [click here to read on]

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