Beehive Surprise Review

We have been sent another game from Hasbro to review. Bob loved Pop Pop Pinata and she was excited to try the new Beehive Surprise game. When it arrived Bob couldn’t wait to play it. She had to wait until we bought some batteries. The game requires 3 AA batteries and we didnt have any at home. The object of the game is to steal the bee’s honeycomb. Each player has to carefully select a piece of honeycomb and try [click here to read on]

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Bakewell Tart Recipe

Here is my 2nd favourite recipe from Mrs. Marson. To see my favourite click here. Mrs. Marson’s Bakewell Tart I love Bakewell Tart but I have never made one so I was excited to try this recipe. It was very straight forward and the result was delicious! The last time I made one of Mrs. Marson’s recipes I used her all in one pastry method. I decided to be brave and make the pastry using a traditional method. I increased [click here to read on]

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Changes To UK Car Seat Regulations

The latest changes to the UK car seat regulations have caused some confusion. I have heard several people talking about it and I know some people are still unsure of the changes.  If people have a current car seat they wonder if they can continue to use it. I also have friends who have saved their car seats from a previous baby and they are wondering whether they will be all right to use them with their new addition.  Bow [click here to read on]

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Jul 032016
6 Months Old

As you learn how to do more our photo shoots get even more tricky. Now as well as eating the blackboard you want to roll around and crinkle up the blanket. I lie you down, ask you to smile, you look at me cheekily and then roll over. 🙂 You are still a little wobbly when it comes to sitting up. You are more stable than you were but I have to make sure you are surrounded by cushions so [click here to read on]

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Considering A Small Home? Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea

Collaborative Guest Post Before we proceed, let us check why families and people in general choose to buy a big house. * They grow too big for the smaller house. * They acquire a raise at work. * They are persuaded that they can afford to pay for it. * They desire to show off to others. * They believe having a big home is a fulfillment of their dreams. Sometimes when no one tells you not to, you believe [click here to read on]

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Bow & The Shaving Foam

We go to a lovely sensory play session on a Wednesday morning. Each week there is a different theme. Last week’s theme was the weather. We made rainbows with coloured ribbons, tried to freeze things with our wands and there was even a foam machine for when the weather turned wintery. At the end of each session there is messy play. Bow wasn’t a fan of the ice cubes. Every time he touched them he instantly pulled his hand away [click here to read on]

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Summer Wardrobe Wish List

My house is like a jumble sale at the moment. I am having a huge clothing clear out. Bow has outgrown so much already and I am fed up of having nothing to wear, even though my wardrobe and drawers are over flowing! I dread the weather being nice as my summer wardrobe is none existent. Last summer I was wearing maternity clothing and the summer before I was a size 6. I have no intention of being either of [click here to read on]

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