Egg & Spoon - Bob Style

After reading an Easter bunny book that my friend bought for her, Bob decided that she would like to do an Egg & Spoon Race. I boiled some eggs and when they had cooled Bob decorated them. We then went to have our race. Bob thought it was great fun! A couple of dropped eggs later and she realised that it was much easier to run if you held the egg onto the spoon. I explained that the game was [click here to read on]

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Let's Go To The Beach

On Monday Bob and I had a lovely bank holiday in the garden. The weather was gorgeous, Bob even needed sun cream! It made me very excited for summer and even more excited for lovely days at the beach! Bob loves the beach. We have spent a couple of days at the beach already this year but the weather wasn’t very nice. Bob and Sally still had lots of fun! Last summer we spent many wonderful days at the beach. [click here to read on]

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Decorating An Easter Egg/Eating Melted Chocolate

Bob has enjoyed baking since she was very young. Her skills have improved over time but I think she was better at baking when she was younger. Now that she has realised that everything taste so nice she tends to do more eating than baking. Sometimes we even have to stop baking as Bob can’t resist eating the raw ingredients. When I was asked if we would like to take part in an Easter Egg decorating competition run by HRS [click here to read on]

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Apr 172014
Road Trip

We have just returned from a lovely holiday. First we had a few days in Devon visiting friends and then we went to Haven in North Wales with my family. Considering we live in Nottinghamshire, this was quite the road trip! We usually try to find a way around driving. We worked out that adding our Wales holiday onto our Devon visit would save us 2 hours travelling than travelling each journey separately. We even looked at getting a ferry [click here to read on]

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Apr 172014
Easter Crafts

Bob loves crafting! Whenever I ask if she would like to do something nice, thinking of a day out somewhere, she asks if we can craft. I have always liked crafting. In the past I have enjoyed card making, jewellery making, making bags, bears and rag dolls. There are so many things that I love to make. The cupboards in my spare room are already filled with craft supplies and Bob loves to explore them. We also have a huge [click here to read on]

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Igam Ogam Review & Giveaway

How have I never heard of Igam Ogam before? She is great! When Signature Entertainment asked me if I would like to review and giveaway an Igam Ogam DVD I had to say yes out of curiosity. I had no idea what Igam Ogam was! It turns out she is this fabulous, pint sized cave girl with some amazing friends. My favourite character is Triple Tog. He is a duvet made out of a saber toothed tiger. I am disappointed [click here to read on]

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Bob loves Nursery Rhymes! She is always asking if she can watch them on the laptop or the iPad. Unfortunately she is banned from using my iPad mini as she broke the full sized one. I occasionally let her watch them on the laptop but it worries me. When I was asked if I would like to review a new DVD of Favourite Nursery Rhymes & Children’s Songs I thought this could be the answer to our problem. Bob loves [click here to read on]

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