Bow & The Shaving Foam

We go to a lovely sensory play session on a Wednesday morning. Each week there is a different theme. Last week’s theme was the weather. We made rainbows with coloured ribbons, tried to freeze things with our wands and there was even a foam machine for when the weather turned wintery. At the end of each session there is messy play. Bow wasn’t a fan of the ice cubes. Every time he touched them he instantly pulled his hand away [click here to read on]

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Summer Wardrobe Wish List

My house is like a jumble sale at the moment. I am having a huge clothing clear out. Bow has outgrown so much already and I am fed up of having nothing to wear, even though my wardrobe and drawers are over flowing! I dread the weather being nice as my summer wardrobe is none existent. Last summer I was wearing maternity clothing and the summer before I was a size 6. I have no intention of being either of [click here to read on]

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Peter Rabbit - The Tale Of The Great Breakout DVD Review & Giveaway

Bob loves the new Peter Rabbit series and she was delighted to hear that there was a new DVD called Peter Rabbit – The Tale Of The Great Breakout. The DVD contains 6 episodes and Bob couldn’t wait to watch it. She was also excited to discover that the DVD came with a free height chart. Bob may love Peter Rabbit but she doesn’t love it half as much as her friend. He is obsessed with it and was only [click here to read on]

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Lullaby Baby Album Review

Bow is a very needy sleeper. It is my fault as I enjoy cuddles too much. I don’t mind as he is my last baby so if he still needs cuddling to sleep when he is 18 that’s fine. He also likes to fight sleep. He can be exhausted but he will try his best to stay awake. When I was sent a new lullaby album to review I thought this might be the magic solution. The Lullaby Baby album [click here to read on]

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Marshmallow Pops Recipe

I have tried making cake pops on a couple of occasions but they never turned out how I had hoped. If I mix my cake with buttercream I am not a fan of the texture and if I use a cake mold my chocolate cake is so moist that the cake pop sticks go straight through them, whilst I am waiting for the coating to set. I had seen marshmallow pops online and thought that these might be more up [click here to read on]

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Collaborative Guest Post. When a child performs well in his or her studies or wins a medal in some competition then everyone praises the child! It’s true that it is the effort of the child that makes him or her successful but not many realize that there is equal contribution from the mother as well. It is because of a mother’s proper care and upbringing that kids shine in their lives. From breakfast to homework, there is no such aspect [click here to read on]

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First Tastes & First Fun

I have really struggled with weaning Bow. His sister weaned like a dream! I made all my own baby food and she ate everything I offered her. Even though baby led weaning is now popular, I decided to wean Bow in the same way as it worked so well last time. Every time I gave him something to eat he acted like he was being poisoned. When my cooking failed I decided to try baby led weaning. He liked to [click here to read on]

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