Under The Sea Party - Jiggly Jellyfish & Seashell Wands

I like to have lots of themed party activities at Bob’s birthday parties that the children can access independently. Pinterest is fabulous for finding ideas! At her Under The Sea birthday party there were crafts galore! The first two that I am going to share with you are the Jiggly Jellyfish and the Seashell Wanda that we made! Bob loves preparing for her parties and she always helps me to make examples beforehand. To make the Jiggly Jelly fish we [click here to read on]

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Quick & Easy Ways To Spruce Up Any Outfit

Today I have a post for you from Maise Fitzgerald. Maise has worked with a number of high end fashion designers as a stylist and blogger, helping others to find a style that works for them. Sometimes, being a mum means that the last thing on your mind is actually taking your hair out of that messy mum-bun, wearing something other than your worn in boyfriend jeans or replacing that comfy t-shirt that still has a baby sick stain on [click here to read on]

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Jul 172017
Summer Dresses

The warmer weather is here and my wardrobe needs updating. Every summer I buy clothes but somehow, by the following year, I have nothing to wear! I am too hot in my jeans, even with flip flops so I need some new summer dresses! Love The Sales has some great bargains on there website. They pick the best sales around and have them all in one place. Buying things in the sales doesn’t seem as naughty and it means I [click here to read on]

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Under The Sea Party - Feed The Shark & Fishing Fun

I tried to think of more games that we could play at Bob’s Under The Sea party. I had lots of craft ideas but I thought it would be nice to have some games that they could access independently too. I had an idea for a feed the shark game. I drew a shark on a big cardboard box and cut out his mouth and around his fins so they stuck out. Bob helped me to paint him and then [click here to read on]

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Wedding Preparations

My friend is getting married next year and I am honoured to be a bridesmaid! I have only been a bridesmaid once before. It was a wonderful day but, as I was 39 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t fully let my hair down. I am looking forward to dancing the night away and drinking prosecco this time around. It has been exciting being involved in the planning. My friend looked stunning when we went wedding dress shopping and I am looking [click here to read on]

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That's Not My Unicorn Review & Giveaway

Bow loves the ‘That’s Not my…’ books. He has a couple of them at home and he always picks up one to borrow when we go to the library. They are a lovely range of books and I love the beautiful illustrations. The 50th book in the award winning series is my favourite! That’s not my Unicorn is wonderful! It is filled with magical illustrations and lovely touch and feel details.  It also has a pearlescent cover and rainbow sprayed [click here to read on]

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50 DVDs That You Must See Before You Grow Up!

We love watching DVDs and they are a lifesaver on long car journeys! Bob has a great collection, many of which were mine from before she was born. I am a big Disney fan! Now that Bob is older she loves it when we have a movie night! We buy popcorn and pick n mix and snuggle together to watch a film. Bob is still a bit young but I am looking forward to when we can all enjoy a [click here to read on]

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