In some households, cooking is a difficult topic. It’s not uncommon to hear from young adults, or older ones too, that they can’t cook. There is no such thing as not being able to cook. It’s not a skill that people have from birth; it is something that you develop, just like chefs have. In short, don’t worry if your first recipes don’t taste or look like they are supposed to. With practice, you’ll get better. Additionally, the favourite excuse for those who refuse to cook is to say that they don’t have a chef’s kitchen. Therefore, they think, they can’t reach similar results. This, again, is wrong, unless you believe that chefs have privately the same kitchen than they have in the restaurant. A hint for you: They don’t. So what’s in a chef’s private kitchen?

pizza board knife
Homemade pizza, cutting board, a chef’s knife

Standard Quality Appliances
Believe it or not, but chefs, when they cook at home, tend to have the same type of appliances than you do, from a quality oven to a decent fridge. These come only in one exemplary in their private home. If you thought that they would get away with professional ovens and a huge range of kitchen sinks, you need to think again. A chef’s kitchen is, in appearance, just like yours. The only difference is that they spend more time in it than you do.

Great Cookbooks And Inspirational Recipes
Chefs don’t know all the recipes by heart. They still use cookbooks, and they tend to have their favourites, which may be from other chefs. The reason for this is that as a cook, you need to find inspiration to make the most of the ingredients you have. So while this means that they have, like you and me, a few standard recipes that they like to go back to at home, they are also not afraid of trying something new. Different ingredients, unknown vegetables, new spices, new cultures, there is inspiration in all of these. Being aware of different ways of preparing and cooking your food is also a great solution to create less waste. Indeed, when you know how to utilise most parts of your ingredients, you can put more on the plate and less in the bin.

Quality Cookware
The main difference between a chef’s kitchen and yours is that the chef has been very cautious to buy high quality, professional cookware. As a result, it is likely that the non-stick pan set might not have come from your favourite grocery shop or might have cost a little more than a tenner at Lidl. But this is a long-term investment. Additionally, more and more amateur cooks have accepted that the most important quality utensil in the kitchen is the chef’s knife. A professional knife is a costly investment, but it will save you time and effort, and keep your food looking good and cooking well. In short, no more crushed tomatoes when you are trying to cut them!

Natural Ingredients
Finally, in a chef’s kitchen, you will find a palette of natural ingredients, from tonnes of vegetables to perfumed fresh herbs. That is because fresh ingredients taste better and have more nutritional properties than dried ones. They are also a lot more versatile, so let your imagination guide your cooking steps!

indoor herb garden
A kitchen herb garden

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  3 Responses to “What’s In A Chef’s Kitchen?”


    We have so many cookbooks in our kitchen. They always come in handy when we feel a little uninspired!


    I often find that the simple easy to make recipe taste the best, no fancy appliances or tools needed.


    I agree, we can all cook-admittedly some better than others- and it just takes time and experimentation. I do love a good cookbook x

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