May 292017

I always worry about being able to speak the language when I visit places in other countries. I like to make an effort to learn some of the language as I feel rude expecting people to speak English in their own country.

I studied French for 5 years at high school and although my French is quite rusty it comes back to me when I use it on a daily basis. By the time our holiday in Disneyland Paris came to an end I could confidently say most of the phrases that I needed. I even survived a trip to a French shopping centre! I only came unstuck when the man in the deli asked me if I would like to eat in or take away. My face must of looked blank so he kindly asked me in English. I wanted him to know that I was trying so I asked him how to say it in French. He replied, ‘Manger sur place ou a emporter?’ I will have to remember that!

drivers seem much younger these days

We drove from Paris to Zebrugge to catch the overnight ferry back to Hull. We ended up spending a lovely few hours at a beach bar in Zebrugge. I went to ask for some change so that Bob could use the toilet and I realised that we were no longer in France. My Dutch is non existent and I felt terrible. After a confusing exchange, I managed to get some change for the toilet. I also realised that speaking Dutch wouldn’t have helped me as they spoke Flemish. I learnt how to say thank you,  ‘Dankuwel!’ and I hoped that she realised I was making an effort.

beach bouncy castle

Holiday Autos have commissioned new research based on the language that British people can and can’t speak when abroad. They have even made a video about our language blunders. I feel sorry for the vegetarian who tried hard to ask for a loaf of bread in the supermarket only to be handed a skinned rabbit!

The research found that over a quarter of Brits have a funny ‘Lost In Translation’ story to tell with 17% saying they still laugh about it to this day.

Watching this has made me even more keen to brush up on my lauguages. French lessons here I come!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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