We love our family days out and activities. They are a great way to spend some quality time together.

pony rides for children

Of course, the car journey can be a bit stressful, at least on the way there, but it is definitely worth the effort. If you have a good day, the chances are the kids will be far quieter on the journey home because they are worn out.

We’ve found that the key to having a good family day out is preparation. If you go well prepared things tend to go well. There are less tense moments, and everyone has a better time.

Decide where to go

The first step is to decide where to go. There needs to be something for each member of the family to enjoy. A trip to the beach is always good as children of all ages can enjoy this.

baby on a beach

It is well worth deciding where you are going well in advance. Some families put aside the first Saturday or Sunday in the month for days out. This helps them to get organised and makes sure that days out as a family happen on a regular basis.

If you find it hard to decide where to go, try writing down potential destinations on slips of paper. Then fold them up and put them in a hat or box, and let the kids draw one out when it is time to plan your next trip. This approach is fun, and keeps things interesting. As you think of ideas for days out add them to the hat. That way you will not forget about them.

Be prepared for the weather

You need to ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately for the day out. It is usually best to dress the kids in layers, that way you can peel one off if it gets hot, or add a layer if it gets cold. You should always go prepared for the rain, but also remember to pack sun block and sun hats. We went to a family day at Wetherby Races on Sunday. I felt a bit silly packing suncream and rain coats but it meant we were well prepared for the ever changing weather.

Wear comfortable shoes

Making sure that everyone is wearing the right footwear is essential. Usually, you will be spending far longer than you normally would on your feet, so wearing flat shoes is wise. The fact that your feet tend to spread when you are standing or walking all day means it may be worth buying a pair of wide fit shoes to wear on days out.
If you have a fold up buggy take it with you. Even if your little one is walking well the chances are on a day out they are still going to need the pram, at some point.

In car entertainment

I already mentioned the car journey as a potential issue. Kids get bored in the car no matter how excited they are about where they are going. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are kept occupied by packing plenty of books and games.

travel games for children

We recently bought dvd players for the car and they saved us on a trip to Legoland.

Pack the snacks

You should also pack some emergency snacks and drinks. That way if you get stuck in traffic everyone will be alright for a couple of hours.

in car toddler snacks

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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    Good advice. If the weather is most likely going to be ok and we have made the plan to go the day before, I usually pack up the car prepared! So in the morning I can stress a bit less!

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