Life as a busy mom can be rough. From the illusion of having it all, from career goals to the demands of motherhood, staying on top of everything is no small feat. We’ve compiled a list of apps, perfectly suited to the mom who does everything, keeping you focused on work, family and, of course, some much-needed “me time.”


This popular personal finance app is essential for helping you keep track of everything from your account balances, to setting a budget for all manner of things from groceries to your own personal allowance. Skip the stuffy old check register and keep track of things from your phone. You’ll also get notifications if you’re spending too much, as well as advice on how to save money here and there., the popular sitter-finding website also has an app, making it easy to arrange for a night out for yourself, or for you and your partner to get some space away from the kids here and there. In addition to your standard babysitter, this app can also help you locate tutors, nannies, housekeepers and more, that can help give you a break in a number of areas concerning kids and homes. A real lifesaver for working moms, to be sure.

Out of Milk

This handy app keeps a running shopping list with you wherever you go, and once you get things set up, you’ll always know what you’ve got in your pantry. Plus, Out of Milk automatically searches for in-store promotions, so you can find the best price on your day-to-day essentials.

Weather Live Free

It’s always nice to be prepared. This app helps busy moms plan ahead, so both parents and kids can be ready for whatever weather is thrown their way. This weather app for Android phone provides in-depth weather reporting, so you’ll know if it’s a raincoat day, or if it’s worth bringing some extra sunscreen along in your tote bag.

Continuous Care

This app allows you to ask all kinds of questions about anything health-related. A real resource for newer moms that may be worried about the little things bothering their little ones. Unlike WebMD and similar online medical databases, Continuous Care gives moms access to real healthcare professionals that can answer questions through the app. A great way to cut back on doctor visits.


If the growing collection of children’s artwork is starting to become unwieldy, Keepy is a great solution for digitizing all of those art projects, so you can free up some space in your home. This app offers multiple timeline streams to separate work from multiple kids, and also provides access to a store you can access to turn the best pieces into prints, mugs and more.

Cozi Family Organizer

This is the one stop shop for family organization. From keeping track of grocery lists to soccer practice, music lessons and parent-teacher conferences, this app has won multiple awards for providing families with the organization needed to keep up with the demands of daily life.

Katherine Read works at a children’s nursery and has 2 kids of her own. She writes about raising kids right, her articles can be read on Mommy blogs mostly.

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