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I like to think that I am quite cultured. My acting background has meant that I seen, read and performed in many plays and I am a big fan of Shakespeare. I am also a big fan of music. I wish I could play lots of instruments! I can play the guitar and have had lessons. I also have a flute, a keyboard and a steal drum. I wish i could play these but in reality I am a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

I am also quite well travelled. I have been lucky enough to visit many amazing places! I have been kayaking through the jungle in Venuzuela, danced at Shirley Heights in Antigua, visited many European cities and flown over Angel Falls and the table top mountains. It was dry season so it was just a trickle but I still saw it.

angel falls in the dry season

table top mountains

There are still a lot of places that i would like to visit. I would love to go on Safari one day! My husband and I booked to go to Kenya on Safari several years ago. Unfortunately it was around the time that they elected a new political leader. Unrest broke out and we weren’t able to go. I would also love to go to Iceland and hopefully see the Northern Lights! Another thing on my to do list is to go on a cruise. I think that a Mediterranean Cruise would be very culturally rewarding. I would love to experience a cruise ship too.

With my husband working in the food industry I have also been able to sample some amazing cuisine. I wouldn’t claim to be a foodie though. I prefer ‘proper food’ rather than tiny portions surround by ‘jus’. I also enjoy reading and I love the classics. Again, there are many that I haven’t read, reading is not a regular occurence at the moment with 2 children keeping me busy. I have lots of books on my ‘to read’ list and I am looking forward to enjoying them when I have the time.

One thing I wouldn’t do is claim to have been somewhere or seen something that I hadn’t. Surely that would just get you into a pickle when the conversation deepened. I was surprised to hear that 14% of Brits have claimed they have done something they hadn’t to appear more cultured. Visiting New Zealand, eating Sushi, watching Romeo and Juliet and reading War and Peace are among the top ‘white lies’ that people have told.

MSC Cruises have developed this infographic after surveying 1500 people across the UK. This made me smile. I am not sure why people would say they have done something they hadn’t. Everyone is different and we all have our own experiences. That’s what make meeting new people and having conversations interesting.

how cultural are the brits

I have realised that my ‘cultural fail’ is documentaries. I am not a fan! I would happily tell people this though and I wouldn’t make out I had watched one when I hadn’t. I am proud to say I prefer Sci Fi, it is much more exciting!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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    I”m surprised that there is such a high number of people claiming to have been somewhere or done something they haven’t simply to appear more cultured. It seems a bit silly to me, especially as it could get quite awkward if there is a deeper discussion about what is claimed.


    How very strange to say you’ve been somewhere as far away as New Zealand, with such a different culture and way of life to explain, how would you get away with that one? How Amusing.

    The only thing I am not up to scratch with is travelling. I haven’t been abroad for a long long time, although I have been out and about in The UK.


    I’m surprised that people lie about these things, life would be no fun if everyone had experienced the same things x


    I’ve definitely never lied about the places I’ve travelled to – I don’t need to haha. Great to hear that Brits are on the whole quite cultured though! x


    I loved the infographic on the average Brit. I had no idea that the average person read 16 books a year!

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