I may have mentioned this many times before but I hate clothes shopping! Don’t get me wrong I love getting new clothes, I just hate trying them on in little changing cubicles and getting stressed because they don’t look nice in the horrendous mirrors. I much prefer spending time choosing clothes online, having them delivered to my door and trying them on in the comfort of my own bedroom.

On the rare occasion that I do go clothes shopping, I end up not being able to find anything. I recently when into town to buy a coat that I had seen online, only to find that the shop didn’t have any in stock and they told me to order it from the website. I also have to listen to Michael moaning as I drag him around the shops. He says over and over again that I should just go home and order something online. He dislikes shopping even more than I do.

I also prefer internet shopping for Bob and Bow’s clothes. It saves me being dragged around the stops by Bob as she struggles to decide which clothes she likes. It also saves me from having to play hide and seek with Bow in between the clothes rails. Instead we can sit together on the sofa and she can add the things that she likes to a virtual basket whilst I drink a cup of tea.

Online shopping is the way forward. There is much more choice and you can get some fantastic deals. There are even sites that constantly add different deals and you can check to see their latest deal of the day. I have recently bought Bob some gorgeous winter things, including some Joe Brown tops, a pair of dungarees and some gorgeous winter boots.

Bob now loves choosing her own clothes. I keep getting glimpses of what it will be like having a teenage girl around the house. She has already been stealing some of my t-shirts, even though they drown her. I had better hide my make up bag!

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