Jun 122018

Summer is here! It seems like we had to wait a long time but then 2 weeks after the snow fell the sun began to shine.

My Uggs and winter coats have been packed away and my thoughts are turning to a lovely summer wardrobe.

Each summer I find myself dashing to the shops as Bob and Bow have outgrown all of their summer clothes. Somehow, even though I don’t grow out of my clothes, when summer arrives I never seem to have anything to wear. I am blaming the big clear out before we moved house in October. Not sure what my excuse will be next year.

Fashion World has some gorgeous clothes that would be a wonderful welcome addition to my summer wardrobe. Here are my top picks.

Joe Brown’s Floral Dress

I love Joe Brown’s and not only is this dress beautiful, it looks like it would be lovely and cool too.

Joe Brown’s Perfect Paisley Dress

I love this dress too! I think I might be Joe Brown’s obsessed!

Oasis Fitzwilliam Newby Midi Tea Dress

This dress is gorgeous! Perfect for summer evenings, sipping cocktails by the river… or maybe I could wear it sat on the sofa whilst listening to the baby monitor.

Monsoon Luella Embroidered Lemon Dress

Love the little embroidered lemons on this dress!

Layered Maxi Dress

This layered maxi dress is perfect for hiding my lumps and bumps after I have indulged in a BBQ.

Brakeburn Denim Dress

…and because you can never have too much denim!

Fashion World also sell Ruby Shoos too! This could be dangerous!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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