Today I have a post for you from Maise Fitzgerald. Maise has worked with a number of high end fashion designers as a stylist and blogger, helping others to find a style that works for them.

Sometimes, being a mum means that the last thing on your mind is actually taking your hair out of that messy mum-bun, wearing something other than your worn in boyfriend jeans or replacing that comfy t-shirt that still has a baby sick stain on the chest.

We all have this vision pre-baby that we will be a super stylish and super trendy mum meeting with friends for Latte’s and taking afternoon jogs around the park while pushing the pram in a little sports bra showing off our super toned mummy-abs.

However, we all know reality isn’t quite like that post-baby. But that doesn’t mean you have to neglect all style. All you need are a few little quick style hacks to help spruce up any casual outfit. These tips will enable you to seamlessly transform from messy-mum to hot-mum.

Bright lips
A great accessory for any outfit is bright and intense lips. It is an easy way to turn heads and make a statement without too much effort required. Red, orange or pink hues are perfect and if you’re in a hurry, skip all other makeup and just go bright and bold with the lips. The less makeup you have on elsewhere on your face, the more intense your lips will look anyway.

Waist belt
The waist is usually the slimmest part of the body, so by emphasising it, you give yourself a more flattering outline. Slip it on over a loose dress or top and it transforms your outfit from looking frumpy to sexy. In the summer, a loose Maxi dress with a waist belt fitted around is very slimming and highlights your curves. When you buy new clothes, look out for garments that nip in at the waist also as they are just as flattering.

Wearing a scarf accentuates the neck of your outfit and draws attention to your face and smile. Opting for a bright one to give your outfit a splash of colour and update your look. A grey dress with a bright, thin scarf in the summer is perfect to make a style statement. Yellow, green or blue are little punches of colour and can really make an out outfit look brand new. You can secure your scarf with a pretty pin to make it look even cuter.

Jewellery is a great way to accessorise any outfit. Large earrings can draw attention to your face while adding sparkle and long necklaces create vertical lines which make you look slimmer and taller. Bold and chunky jewellery looks best with plain and casual outfits so that there is not too much going on in one go.

how to accessorise with chunky jewellery

If you have a formal occasion and a bold dress, opt for sleek and delicate jewellery. A light luxury bracelet and a soft pair of rose gold stud earrings would go perfectly and to add a little extra touch, match it to his rose gold cufflinks for real duo elegance.

Layers are a great way to make simple and boring items of clothing look more stylish. Find a nice blazer and you can add it on top of jeans, a jumpsuit, a maxi dress, a shift dress, anything! It can instantly make a pair of jeans and top look more polished. Reuse it for nights out to dinner or occasions by wearing it the same outfit with heels for a chic look.

accessorising made easy

The difference between a good outfit and a great outfit can just be the addition of 1 or 2 elements. You can take the most classic and basic of ensembles and shape it according to your style and personality. It takes a few more seconds to add on a scarf, apply some lippy or put in some earrings, so even the busiest of mummies can still look like hot mammas.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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