We are off to Disneyland Paris soon and we are all very excited! Michael and I have been before we had children. We loved it then but | think it will be much more special this time around!

I need to update Bob’s wardrobe as her summer clothes from last year are too small. I have been shopping online and I have found some gorgeous clothes on the ESPIRIT website.

I saw a gorgeous denim dress that I know Bob will love! She can wear it with sandals in warmer weather and with a cardigan and her converse when it is cooler. It’s lightweight so it will be perfect for dancing around Disneyland. I love the turn up sleeves and the loop buttons. You can find out more about this lovely dress here.

girls summer denim dress

I also found some other gorgeous outfits. I love how ESPIRIT give you outfit ideas and suggestions of what to wear items with.

Here are the other things from ESPIRIT that Bob needs in her summer wardrobe.

fun summer clothes
Girls Fashion Delicate Print Top, Denim Shorts

lovely girls summer outfit
Denim Jacket With Frills, Floral Print Skirt,

denim and print dress
Material Mix Dress,

cute girls swimming costume
Flamingo Print Swimsuit.

I also found a couple of bits for Bow. I love this retro style shirt and jeans.

boys retro number shirt
Retro Style Shirt,

boys retro style jeans
Soft Stretch Jeans.

Now it is just my wardrobe that needs a make over. I can’t use the reason that none of last years clothes fit me but I’m sure I can come up with a perfectly good excuse.

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  4 Responses to “Sorting Out Our Summer Wardrobe”


    Aww what some absolutely cute ideas! It’s so nice to see the weather getting better!


    What cute ideas for summer! I remember when my kids were little .. whatever they had one summer .. guaranteed they couldn’t wear it the next. Note to self .. if your daughter has a swimsuit she can’t live without .. but the next size or two up so she’ll have one to grow into!


    The flamingo print swimsuit has stolen my heart! I hope they have an adult version too haha x


    Everything is gorgeous! I need to check out the Espirit site as we are going on holiday during summer as well, and I need to revamp my little ones wardrobe.

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