As you all know I love online shopping! My idea of retail therapy is to sit down with a cup of tea and my laptop and start ordering. I hate clothes shopping in real life as I spend all day trying things on, only to find that nothing works.

I also buy Bob’s clothes online. It is so much easier! They arrive, we try them on and then we either keep them or repackage them and wait for the nice man to come and collect them.


Bob also likes choosing clothes online but sometimes her choices do need to be pushed in the right direction. If she was left to her own devices she would dress like a sparkly fairy the majority of the time!


I have also found that it can be cheaper to buy online, especially of you know where to look! A few years ago my friend introduced me to ‘promo codes’ and I have never looked back. I can’t check out a basket if it has a little box for a voucher code before I have tried to find a discount.

A site that I love is It has great discount codes that are updated regularly. it is also a good place to visit to find sales. At the moment there is up to half price on Girlswear at GAP. Bob doesn’t really need any clothes at the moment but if there are bargains to be had the more you spend the more you save! 🙂 Also, doesn’t Bob need this dress?

I am getting flash backs to a scene in ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’. At least I’m not buying shoes! 😉

The only problem that I can find with online shopping is that it’s too easy! Maybe if I had to make the trip to a shopping centre I might decide not to bother. With online shopping the clothes are only a click away. Fabulous! 😉


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