We love the Mamia baby food range from Aldi. Bow was extremely fussy when I was weaning him and these were one of the only things I could get him to eat. I tried making my own food as that worked well with Bob but the only thing I could get Bow to eat was pear. I also tried baby led weaning but all the food either ended up on the floor or smushed into his high chair. Bow loved Mamia’s Stage 1 pouches!

He also loves Mamia breakfast pouches. A few weeks ago I was trying to phase out his afternoon bottle. I gave him a snack and some milk in a cup instead but he would still get upset as he missed his bottle. I had the idea of giving him a Mamia breakfast pouch as his afternoon snack. He really enjoyed this and it filled him up enough so that he didn’t pine for his bottle.

When I heard about the #MamiaDaysOut challenge with Aldi & Britmums I looked forward to taking part. We were sent a hamper of Mamia goodies to use when we were out and about.

aldi baby food range

When the hamper arrived I popped a couple of pouches, a fruit pot and some rice cakes into our changing bag. I wasn’t sure when we would need them but I knew they would come in handy.

They saved the day on many occasions! Bob was at a party last weekend and I had to take Bow along as Michael was working. The children made little pizzas which they then ate. Bow was not impressed when he saw that they were all eating pizza. I pulled out the apple and pear pot and everything was alright! He forgot all about the pizza and, after he had finished his yummy fruit pot, he carried on having fun.

baby in a ball pool

The rice cakes have also been a big help. Bow doesn’t like getting in his car seat. I usually try to give him a toy to distract him whilst I strap him in but sometimes he would still get upset. Now, if he has a rice cake in each hand, he is happy to let me fasten him in his car seat. I still need to distract him with a toy once he has finished with his rice cakes so I can get in the car and drive. I think he would prefer to eat the whole packet first.

eating baby rice cakes

Mamia food products are fantastic for using when you are out and about. They saved a friend of mine on a recent holiday. She booked to go to Spain for 2 weeks. Before she told me she was going on holiday she asked if we were going to go abroad. I made the mistake of telling her about our disastrous holiday when Bow was a baby. She then told me they had booked to go away and I felt really bad. It worked out for the best in the end. I told her about the trouble we had with food. I tried to feed Bob in the same way that I did at home but, as the food was cooked differently it upset her tummy. My friend decided to fill up her suitcase with Mamia food pouches so that they wouldn’t have the same problem. They had a wonderful time and it has made me realise that going on holiday with a young baby can be enjoyable.

Thank you Mamia! Car journeys, children’s parties, days out and even holidays are now much more enjoyable!

This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.

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