We have recently returned from a family holiday in Devon. We had a wonderful time and I have many photos to share with you. Watch this space.

We were very lucky with the weather and it only rained on the day that we were leaving. I didn’t mind this as we were busy packing and it made it easier to leave our beautiful location.

Whilst we were there we spent lots of time at the beach. I love how there are many beaches in Devon. It is lovely to be able to chose which one to visit without having to travel far.

Bob was in her element! She loves being at the beach and spent hours building sand castles, collecting shells and paddling in the sea. Although it was sunny, the sea was still cold. Luckily Bob had been sent a wetsuit from Baby Swimming Shop. (They sell swimwear and accessories for children up to 11 years old.) This meant that she could splash around to her hearts content without getting cold.

beautiful beach fun

She did have a bit of a problem the first time she put her wetsuit on. She wanted to do it all by herself and ended up getting a bit stuck. When I told her she had put her leg in the arm of the suit she thought it was hilarious!

the wrong way to wear a wetsuit

She loved wearing her wetsuit and I think she thought she was a surfer.

my little surfer

She became quite a ‘dude’ and at one point I expected her to say ‘Wassssup!’


Her wetsuit also came in very handy when we went rock pooling! It wasn’t as sunny that day but Bob was fine. The wetsuit meant that she could paddle and have fun for much longer than if she was wearing her swimming costume.

rock pooling in devon

Not only did the wetsuit keep Bob warm, it also protect her skin. When she was rock pooling she fell and grazed her arms and legs where the wetsuit didn’t cover. If she hadn’t been wearing the wetsuit she would have hurt herself much more.

Baby Swimming Shop also kitted Bow out with some fabulous neoprene items. They sent him a neonappy and a babywarma wetsuit.

wetsuits for babies and children

The nappy cover gave me piece of mind when he was wearing a swimming nappy. I’ll never forget my brother in law discovering that swim nappies didn’t contain wee. I always thought that they did but after he used one on my niece whilst he carried her to the beach I realised that they didn’t. He was wet through by the time the arrived and not very impressed. I used the neo nappy over Bow’s swim nappy and it meant everything stayed where it should.

The babywarma was great too! It was very easy to put on as it velcroed down the side, at the bottom and at the shoulders. I was worried I would have to fight Bow into it but it wrapped around him very easily and I could pop it on without him taking any notice. It kept him warm whilst he splashed on the beach and gave me piece of mind.

baby on a beach

fishing net baby

It also saved the day when we visited an outdoor splash park. The pools were heated but it was still quite cold. I worried that Bow would be freezing as I was chilly but when I felt inside his baby wrap he was toasty and warm.

babywarma swim suit

He had a fabulous time and he wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it if we hadn’t had the baby wrap.

keeping babies warm when swimming

Thank you Baby Swimmimg Shop! I didn’t realise how much we needed your items until we used them. Now I would never go on holiday in this country without them!

Disclaimer: We were sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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  27 Responses to “Wetsuits & Water Fun”


    These are such a great idea, they never had these when my kids were little, but would have been something I would have looked at for them


    That little wetsuit is so cute and such a good idea for little ones to prevent burning


    i love the idea although sometimes i feel they look rather thick for hot weather , are they suitable for the warmer weathers too and keep you cool ?


      I don’t think I’d want to wear a wetsuit in warmer weather as I think the point is that they trap some water inside and keep it warm. They sell UV suits which I would get if we were going somewhere warm. Hope that helps. xx


    I’ve never been to Devon, your pics make it seem lovely!


    Oh those photos are adorable. What a fun good day out xx


    Awww your kids are so cute! Great photos, what wonderful memories!


    So glad you only had rain the day you left, super lucky. The wetsuits and things look really useful for the British weather x


    Oh I love these wetsuits. The baby one is so cute too. Would love one for my Sylvia.


    Oh the wetsuit is really cute. Perfect for beach days! That babywarma sounds really handy too.


    these suits look fab! We have used one of the body warmers before and think it is fab for little ones x


    They look great! I can see why Bob thought she was a surfer! Devon’s beaches are just wonderful!


      We had a wonderful time exploring them! The last time we visited was in October and the weather meant we couldn’t visit as many as we would have liked. We made up for that this time around. x


    These wetsuits look great, Bob totally looks like a little surfer chick! xx


    Lovely photos! They look like fab products! x


    Oh wow, that wetsuit looks absolutely amazing!


    I’ve always wanted to go to Devon! Looks like you had lots of fun! Absolutely loving the fun, bright colours of the wetsuits – how fab do they look?! Lovely photos too 🙂 x


    OMG! he is such a cutie! love his legs… precious!

    xoxo, Candice


    My love wearing little wetsuits and like you said will last longer in the water when wearing them. It is English water after all!!


    so cute! I need to get Wilf a wetsuit for next years british beach holidays! x

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