The first few days of our holiday were a nightmare! I honestly think that it would be easier to go abroad with a baby who is a few months old than take one that has been weaned and is beginning to find their feet. At least when they are tiny their milk provides all of the nutrients that they need. I tried to feed Bob similar things to what she has when we are at home. This wasn’t easy, as, even though she eats carrots, she doesn’t normally eat carrots that are swimming in oil. The differences disagreed with her and for the first few days she was very constipated. It was heart breaking! I got a glimpse of what she might go through when she is in labour!

Also, we couldn’t allow Bob to explore freely. She is taking a few steps but she is still unsteady. Every floor surface was covered in concrete, tiles or gravel. If she was young enough to not want to move around or old enough to be confident, I think things would have been easier.

Now you all know that Bob is a fabulous sleeper! Only joking! I bet you thought that you were reading the wrong blog! 😉 For the first few days she was very unsettled and refused to sleep during the day. We spent hours walking around the resort, trying to get her to sleep. She would wait until we were far away from our hotel and then she would start screaming! We then had to get back to our hotel with a screaming Bob and disturb all of the holidaymakers, who were trying to relax.

On top of this, I didn’t help matters as I panicked. I was scared that the sun would burn Bob. She was wearing total sun block and almost always in the shade but you never know! I worried that the Mosquito’s would attack her as she was wearing big girls pyjamas and they could bite her feet! I thought that she would get salt water/sand in her eyes and the fact that our hotel room floor was tiled petrified me!

We thought that Bob would enjoy the holiday because she loves swimming and children’s entertainment. As it was out of season the children’s entertainment wasn’t showing and the pool was too cold. When we asked the Rep if there was anything suitable for Bob he suggested taking her on a boat trip or traveling round the city on a bus. He obviously hadn’t had children! Also, on the rare occasion that I got to sit in the sun, my husband was busy with Bob so there was nobody to put cream on my back. I was tempted to ask the ageing rocker who had a strong resemblance to Bob Geldof but I thought better of it. I thought I would be o.k. but after only 30 minutes in the sun my back was so burnt!

Despite all of the above, we made the best of it. We built a soft play area in the corner of our room

…We let Bob swim in the bidet

…And I made friends with Bob Geldof! 😉

A few days into the holiday we were told that the other hotel in the resort was very child orientated, even out of season. We went to watch the entertainment there and Bob had a wonderful time! There was a Mini Disco and a Parrot Show. That night she laughed herself to sleep!

The pool at the other hotel was warmer and there were more children so, if Bob made a peep, nobody seemed to mind. At our hotel if she murmured somebody somewhere would give us a disapproving stare. We spoke to our Rep and he said that we could change hotels for a small fee. We jumped at the chance!

From then on the holiday was much more enjoyable and I started to relax. The food was better and there were always fresh vegetables that weren’t having a swim. The entertainment was great and Bob got excited as we neared the dance floor. Even the part of the beach that was near our new hotel had more happening. There were more children, games being played and people having fun!

We had a lovely time and we were disappointed as our holiday drew to a close. If you had told me that we would feel that way, 2 days into our holiday, I would have never believed you! All was well until the journey home, but that’s another story!

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    beautiful xxx


    Aww glad it worked out in the end!! Was it really Bob Geldoff?? 🙂


    I think they tend to sit all of the children together on the plane, just in case, so don’t worry about that. The marble floors are a worry as is the pool but they do fabulous swimsuits with life jackets that many of the little ones wore. The best advice I can give is not to panic. I panicked for the first few days and it made things much worse! I’m sure you will have a lovely time! x


    awww bless honey I am glad it turned out well for you xxx


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